Adventures in Ed Funding

Special: End of the Legislative Session

September 05, 2020 California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) Season 1 Episode 30
Adventures in Ed Funding
Special: End of the Legislative Session
Show Notes

On the last night of August, the California State Legislature wrapped up its 2019-2020 legislative session in a flurry. Many bills were passed and sent to the Governor, but several difficult issues were left unresolved. In this episode, CASBO’s dynamic team of advocates Sara Bachez and Elizabeth Esquivel share highlights. What were some of the legislature’s final actions (or inactions)? What are potential education budget and fiscal implications? And what is a frenzied last night of session in Sacramento really like, especially during this time of physical distancing?

Plus, Palm Springs USD Nutrition Services Director Stephanie Bruce joins us again to describe some recent good news out of Washington D.C. related to school meals.



  • Sara Bachez, CASBO Chief Government Relations Officer 
  • Elizabeth Esquivel, CASBO Senior Director of Policy and Governance
  • Stephanie Bruce, Nutrition Services Director, Palm Springs USD. Learn more about Stephanie on our March episode, "The Meals Must Go On"
  • Plus a cameo appearance by Jeff Vaca, Chief Governmental Relations Officer, Riverside County Office of Education


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Paul Richman is a public education advocate and consultant. and @pjr100