Adventures in Ed Funding

Season One Highlights

February 12, 2021 California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) Season 1 Episode 37
Adventures in Ed Funding
Season One Highlights
Show Notes

It has been exactly a year since we launched the Adventures in Ed Funding series. And what a year it was! In addition to our focus on school finance, we also produced additional episodes with timely information and stories to help schools and communities navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. In total, our first season included 36 shows. Here's a quick look back at just a few of the highlights during a difficult time when we've all learned so much.

Note: We’re currently taking a break from production. We'll be back soon with an update on some exciting developments for the next season.

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Guests featured in this episode include:

Samantha Tran, Managing Director of Education, Children Now
Episode 1, February 7: “California schools: Where the adults aren’t.”

Elizabeth Esquivel, Senior Director of Policy and Governance for CASBO
Episode 9, March 20: “School Closures Due to Covid-19: What you should know.”

Paulo Azevedo, Director of Maintenance. Operations, Transportation and Facilities, San Ysidro School District, San Diego County
Episode 16, May 7:  “A Clean Restart for California's Schools.”

Amy Rovai Gregory, Principal, Greer Elementary in San Juan USD, Sacramento County
Episode 25, July 27: "A Back to School Like None Before."

Linda Darling-Hammond, President, California Board of Education
Episode 26, August 2: “Checking in with Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond.”

Diane Deshler, CASBO Vice-President and Chief Business Official, Lafayette School District in Contra Costa County
Episode 27, August 9: "Back to School Safety and Planning: A View From the CBO’s Chair."

Paul Gothold, San Diego County Superintendent  of Schools
Episode 34, November 3: “California Schools Put to the Test.”


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