Adventures in Ed Funding

Introducing a new limited series about California schools: Budgeting for Educational Equity

August 06, 2021 CASBO and WestEd Season 2 Episode 1
Adventures in Ed Funding
Introducing a new limited series about California schools: Budgeting for Educational Equity
Show Notes

We're excited to share with you this first episode of a new limited series podcast presented in collaboration by WestEd and CASBO. It's called Budgeting for Educational Equity.

About this new series
How can dedicated teams of educators, administrators, school business officials and entire school communities allocate resources to better meet the needs of all their students -- especially at this watershed moment when student needs have never been greater due to the pandemic and an influx of additional federal and state dollars available to support transformative change? That's the story we're here to share.

In this first "introductory" episode, host Jason Willis, director of strategic resource planning and implementation for WestEd and a former chief business official in several California school districts, invites guest experts, advocates and school district leaders to share how they think about and define resource equity in education as a way to help us get our "resource equity bearings."

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Guests in this episode include:

  • Christopher Edley, Jr., J.D., interim dean, U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Education; co-founder and president emeritus of The Opportunity Institute; professor and dean emeritus, U.C. Berkeley School of Law; former professor, Harvard Law School; and co-chair, National Commission on K-12 Excellence & Equity
  • Maria Echaveste, J.D., president and CEO, The Opportunity Institute; and former White House deputy chief of staff
  • Jayne Christakos, former chief business officer, San Bernardino City Unified School District
  • Marguerite Williams, Ed.D., former assistant superintendent of educational services, Adelanto Elementary School District; and former senior director of equity and diversity, Association of California School Administrators
  • Adela Madrigal Jones, superintendent, Sanger Unified School District
  • Michael Kirst, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University; and past president, California State Board of Education

Budgeting for Educational Equity is presented by the California Association of School Business Official (CASBO), the premier resource for professional development and best practices for more than 24,000 California school business leaders, in partnership with WestEd, a national nonprofit research development and service agency that works to promote excellence and equity in education.

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Budgeting for Educational Equity is written and produced by Paul Richman (your trusty guide on "Adventures in Ed Funding") and Jason Willis.