Ep 50 of MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast: Radio Leader and evangelist Nisha Narayanan of Red FM & Magic FM is our Golden Jubilee!

April 06, 2022 Pavan R Chawla / nISHA nARAYANAN Episode 50
Ep 50 of MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast: Radio Leader and evangelist Nisha Narayanan of Red FM & Magic FM is our Golden Jubilee!
Show Notes

The remarkable Nisha Narayanan, Radio leader and evangelist and COO & Director of Red FM & Magic FM, is our Golden Jubilee as she shines forth in Ep 50 of MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast.

MVP, the Master’s Voice Podcast, our series based on conversations with MVPs (Most Valued Players / Professionals) across important sectors of the Industry, and we are delighted that Nisha, who ranks right up there with the best, has graced the Golden Jubilee episode of our award-winning MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, from

Nisha has been one of the most prominent names in the radio industry, and has been instrumental in launching ‘Red Indies’ which featured non-film music as a part of Red on-air content, and has focussed on creating brands out of raw talent. 

Nisha’s vision to make RED FM accessible to its audiences across various touch points gave birth to multiple IPRs under the aegis of RED FM …  IPRs like the successful RED LIVE, RED DIGITAL and RED INDIES, amongst others.

During her tenure as Senior Vice President for Programming and Marketing, Nisha had spearheaded the setting up of radio stations with her teams in markets across India, making RED FM one of the largest radio networks with 68 stations.

Some prestigious awards Nisha’s won, include the Business Leader of the Year (Entertainment) at Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival; the Don Rowland’s Prize for Excellence; Most Enterprising Leaders of Asia  - WCRC, and India's Greatest COO at India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders, among several others.

Here, Nisha tells me how she entered Radio and why she has stayed in the medium for so long. She also offers a deep dive into her long and very fruitful association with and leadership of Red FM. She speaks of the newer content initiatives, and about the elements and performance of the strong Non-Traditional Revenue piece that the network has added to augment its revenues. She

Nisha speaks of some good, memorable campaigns, and all the reasons due to which the Radio industry and sub sector are still struggling to survive with just a 4-odd percent of the Adex pie, which is deplorably low for FM Radio by any comparison with most countries.

Nisha makes a case for news and current affairs to be permitted on FM Radio, lower licence fees, and other initiatives that will not only ensure that the depressing ‘sameness’ of stations across networks and markets reduces, but niche-content driven stations and networks can also flourish. 

She shares her views on the streaming services and the fact that most mid to high-end smartphones do not have the radio app that was an OEM embed in the early days, saying it is not an either or but a coexistence of streaming apps and FM Radio, and that nothing comes anywhere close to the magical immediacy and great connect that RJs have with their listeners across stations and networks.

Nisha  also speaks of how Radio can increase TSL, and how talent is empowered across Red FM. And more.

So  Nisha Narayanan, COO & Director – Red FM & Magic FM, is our Golden Jubilee on the 50th episode of the award winning MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast on 

The series has grown in stature and impact thanks to the remarkable leaders and visionaries it has featured ever since the first episode, which had Jim Egan, Global CEO of BBC World News. I’ve enjoyed creating each episode we’ve brought you, including the one I was invited to record with the peerless Sangeet Martand and now unfortunately the late Pandit Jasraj ji, just a month before his 90th birthday.

So we’ve come a long way, and we thank our listeners and users for their wonderful support - Pavan R Chawla