Exclusive Podcast – Ameer Ismail, President - Lintas Live: Re-Start, Re-Strat, Re-Imagine
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Exclusive Podcast – Ameer Ismail, President - Lintas Live: Re-Start, Re-Strat, Re-Imagine
Sep 30, 2022 Season 1 Episode 66
Pavan R Chawla / Ameer Ismail

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In this episode of our award-winning, MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast series from MediaBrief.com, I bring you a deep-dive conversation with a very special, distinguished guest -- Ameer Ismail, President, Lintas Live.

Ameer is someone I’ve known for a couple of decades now, and anyone who’s been in the strategic comms space would know Ameer and of him as an expert thought-leader, business-leader, impact-leader in the PR and strategic communications industry and more -- acknowledged and respected amongst comms and marketing professionals everywhere.

In this episode, we begin with the very simple, open-ended question on the new opportunities Ameer’s seeing in PR. 

Ameer also speaks of the restructuring of Lintas Live in October 2020, which Ameer summarizes as Re-Strat, Re-Start, Re-Imagine. He speaks about the fifth P that Lintas Live has been using in the telling of brand stories, the USP and power of tis Digital-first and Creative-led approach, the impact of the agency restructuring, the two years of the pandemic, and how Lintas Live fared and performed during lockdown and as a result of the restructuring. 

Ameer also discusses the talent and opportunities to empower human capital in the comms space. The agency-client relationship and the need and means to make a case for the PR and Strategic Comms category so brand promoters and image and marketing custodians can truly appreciate the immense and irreplaceable value of PR today. 

And more. 

Ameer, who is President of  Lintas Live, which is part of the MullenLowe Lintas Group, has had an excellent career that spans more than two decades, and ever since he joined Lintas in 1996, he was entrusted with  the responsibility of building the PR business for GolinOpinion, which was earlier known as LinOpinion. Ameer has now been appointed President – Lintas Live, the rebranded creative-led, digital-first PR and communications agency.

Ameer works very closely with the group’s global leadership to further build and enhance the network offering. Recognized,  way back in 2013, the transformation of the PR industry, Ameer was instrumental in structuring the JV with Golin in 2013,  and was appointed a member of Golin’s Global Leadership Group in 2016.

GolinOpinion (now Lintas Live) has been recognized as an important player and a respected brand in the PR industry, and has grown successfully to include a portfolio of reputed clients such as Seiko, Etihad Airways, Starbucks, Marriott Hotels, Porsche, and Sony Pictures Networks, to name a few.  And in recognition of his overall contributi

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