Podcast: Yash Srivastava, MD Apac - Coda Payments, the Unicorn empowering game publishers, digital content providers

April 10, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Yash Srivastava Season 1 Episode 83
Podcast: Yash Srivastava, MD Apac - Coda Payments, the Unicorn empowering game publishers, digital content providers
Show Notes

On the 83rd episode of our award-winning MVP, the Master's Voice Podcast,  Yash Sheel Srivastava, Managing Director Asia-Pacific at Coda Payments, joins Pavan R Chawla for an in-depth discussion. 

Yash is an IIM Operations and Entrepreneurship graduate with experience in India, China, the United States, South East Asia, and the Middle East in industries such as fintech, logistics, ride-sharing, and electric mobility. He discusses Coda Payments, its offerings for gaming publishers and players, and how it empowers the crucial transaction chain and development.

Yash describes how Coda competes with legacy app platforms that permit in-app purchases and has become a key participant in the 'diversification of channels beyond legacy channels' that publishers require for survival and growth today. He also discusses the services on the payments side, where Coda Pay offers a publisher a single API with more than 500 payment methods in more than 60 countries, encompassing all forms of payment. Coda not only collects funds in all of these countries via licenced payment gateways, but also files taxes on the publisher's behalf and remits the funds to a single global account.

Yash explains that Coda's success over the past three years can be attributed to the current industry opportunity, which is enabled by three key market macros working in India's favour: the digital payment infrastructure, excellent smartphone penetration, and exceptionally low data costs. As a purpose-driven organization, Coda has avoided activities involving real-money wagering and fantasy sports. They tend to perform best in mid-core and hard-core games and share their views on games that are solely entertainment-based and not played for monetary rewards.

Yash provides a bird's-eye view of the gaming landscape in India, which is worth approximately USD 200 billion. He discusses Coda's robust, wholly-owned, and self-developed technology platform, which provides secure transactions governed by user-centric policies to prevent any form of abuse. Coda Payments, according to Yash, is poised for geometric development in India and the APAC region, with the most payment options, the best digital content titles, and a seamless vending machine-style checkout experience.

Yash makes it abundantly obvious that Coda Payments is a responsible stakeholder, and that the rights and safety of the users are of utmost importance. It allows them to establish a trustworthy, long-lasting enterprise in the country.

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