Podcast: Leena Jaisani, Head- FICCI Entertainment Division, on FICCI Frames 23 and empowering the M&E sector of India

May 02, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Leena Jaisani Season 1 Episode 84
Podcast: Leena Jaisani, Head- FICCI Entertainment Division, on FICCI Frames 23 and empowering the M&E sector of India
Show Notes

Our distinguished guest on this, the 84th published episode of our award-winning MVP The Master's Voice Podcast from, is the peerless Leena Jaisani, Assistant Secretary General and Head of FICCI Entertainment Division, FMCG, Retail, and E-Commerce.
Leena is is at the helm of organizing and rolling out the Maha Kumbh for Indian and global M&E professionals and industry - FICCI Frames, and right now, she and her team all set for this year's edition of Frames, the FICCI Frames 2023, which will  once again roll out the red carpet for knowledge, networking, and the collective empowerment of the M&E Industry in India as the Nation strives to bounce back from COVID.
On this episode, Leena speaks about FICCI Frames 23, the industry, some favorite milestones of FICCI Frames' achievements for the M&E industry over the years, how FICCI and its M&E wing have empowered the industry, MSMEs, content producers, and the overall creative content economy of India. She also talks about the economic growth of the country through the awareness-driven consumption that only M&E can spur, which is a particularly strong and urgent need as India seeks to build infra for overall growth and prosperity.
Leena shares why students must attend FICCI Frames 2023 and the kind of concessions it has embedded into the registration costs for students. She also speaks of how FICCI has been extremely focused on the skilling of youngsters for the M&E industry.
She also speaks of her own journey with FICCI and particularly FICCI Frames over the years, right from the day Dr. Mitra decided to infuse new, young blood into his team and handpicked her to be part of his team. It was her first job, which she is still in, has made her own, and through which she  has been truly empowering the M&E industry for more than two rewarding, results-driven decades now.
Leena speaks gratefully of the leaders who have inspired her, recalling including Dr Amit Mitra, and the role and support to FICCI of other stalwarts like Amit Khanna and the late Yash Chopra. She pays tribute to Uday Shankar who she says has been a mentor to her, as he has been to much of the industry, and expresses her gratitude for all the support that Jyoti Deshpande, current Chair at FICCI Media & Entertainment Committee (and CEO at Viacom 18 India and President Media & Content Business, Reliance Industries Ltd) has provided to FICCI, Leena,  and her team.
Leena also thanks the government, the MIB, and all allied leaders across govt bodies and the overall dispensation to the multiple causes of the M&E industry.  Listen in. 

Thanks  - Pavan R Chawla


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