Partha Sinha (Times of India Group President): Pied Piper of Print, Passion, and Empowerment in the A&M Industry

July 14, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Partha Sinha Season 1 Episode 91
Partha Sinha (Times of India Group President): Pied Piper of Print, Passion, and Empowerment in the A&M Industry
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Partha Sinha, President - Times of India Group, speaks with Pavan R Chawla on Print, Digital, measurements, the A&M industry, knowledge, passion, impact, empowerment, and more. 

In the 91st episode of the highly acclaimed MVP – The Master's Voice Podcast, the distinguished guest is none other than Partha Sinha, the President of the Times of India Group. Partha's vibrant energy, relentless ideas, and unwavering enthusiasm make him the Pied Piper of Print, Passion, Knowledge, Empowerment, and Impact, leaving an indelible mark on the entire advertising and media (A&M) industry.

Hailing from esteemed institutions such as IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad, Partha's illustrious career spans over three decades, encompassing roles as diverse as a nuclear design engineer, banker, strategy and marketing head, and advertising strategist. His journey into the world of advertising was ignited by the late Ranjan Kapoor, who recognized Partha's potential and urged him to pursue it. Curiosity led Partha to ask Kapoor, "What do you (people) do in advertising?"

Partha always ardently advocates for the power of print and the empowerment of young professionals in the A&M space.

Known for his candid and forthright demeanor, Partha's straight-speak resonates with industry professionals and friends alike. His logical arguments, devoid of pretense, make a lasting impact. Apologetic but unbothered by the absence of PR-consciousness, Partha's words emanate from the depths of his heart. As he states in the episode, "I say whatever I do because I mean it; it comes straight from the heart."

Beyond his expertise in the industry, Partha's dedication to knowledge dissemination and empowering younger professionals shines through. Troubled by the lack of depth and quality in industry conversations, he strives to provide young professionals with insights from formal programs of professional education.

Partha's love for music, especially Hindustani Classical and Karnatak music, permeates the conversation. He speaks passionately about his deep friendship with fellow musical soulmate Prasoon Joshi and the enduring purity found in classical compositions. Moreover, Partha fondly reminisces about his time at IIT, where he discovered new music genres, delved into literature, and shaped his holistic growth.

The 91st episode of MVP – The Master's Voice Podcast with Partha Sinha, President of Times of India Group, encapsulates delightful insights and thought-provoking ideas. As a testament to its significance, this episode, says presenter Pavan R Chawla, "undoubtedly ranks among my top three favorites from the 91 episodes published thus far."

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