MVP - Krishnarao Buddha of Parle Products - Powering marketing with autonomy, empathy, partnership and purpose

October 10, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Krishnarao Parle Season 1 Episode 97
MVP - Krishnarao Buddha of Parle Products - Powering marketing with autonomy, empathy, partnership and purpose
Show Notes

Krishnarao Buddha - Senior Category Head at Parle Products Pvt Ltd, needs no introduction as a fine marketing leader who empowers Marketing and, indeed, the entire professional ecosystem, with autonomy, empathy, and partnership with a sense of purpose. We are delighted that he is our distinguished guest on this, the 97th episode of MVP – The Master's Voice Podcast.

Krishna, as he is fondly called, has more than 30 years of rich experience across different FMCG brands, as varied as Maxwell Apparels, Uncle Chips, and a brief stint with the Dabur-Nestle company, Excelsia Foods (all in his pre-Parle days). Thereafter, he has spent his last 22 years with the respected legacy group, Parle.

We dive into Krishna's extensive experience in FMCG industry and his role in driving category growth, marketing strategies, and new product launches at Parle. We discuss his early years, including his education and marketing experience with Maxwell Apparels and Uncle Chips. He also shares his learnings from each company he has worked with so far.

Krishna shares his insights and experiences from his time at Uncle Chips, where he learned the art of negotiation and executing sales promotions. He shares why it is important to value the role of strategic business-growth consultants, including strategic business-growth and comms partner-vendors, and shares how, thanks to the culture and thinking at Parle, his pre-Parle days' learning of 'nichord lo' (squeeze as much as you can out of your vendor or supplier) has shifted towards an empathy-driven, active willingness to negotiate on costs with vendors in a way that would help build mutually beneficial relationships. Because a happy vendor is a solidly committed partner, and that kind of support is crucial to success.

Krishna shares the lessons he learned from each company, including, among other things,  how the approach of prioritizing the top line while still considering the bottom line creates a win-win situation for the company and its trade partners.

Krishna explains Parle's strategy of utilizing a mix of traditional and digital media to reach their target audience. He discusses their partnership with sports events like the IPL and the ICC Cricket World Cup, which is currently ongoing. 

He also discusses the Television vs. Digital space and the potential of Connected TV (CTV) in India and the opportunities it presents for marketers. We also delve into the values that drive Parle's marketing strategies. Krishna also speaks of the importance of empathy, a shared vision, and the significance of the correct 'attitude' in potential candidates.

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