Sheena Kapoor, the young leader inspiring Marketing, CSR and Comms at ICICI Lombard

December 08, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Sheena Kapoor Season 1 Episode 101
Sheena Kapoor, the young leader inspiring Marketing, CSR and Comms at ICICI Lombard
Show Notes

My distinguished guest on this episode of our award-winning series MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast features Sheena Kapoor, Head Of Marketing, Corporate Communications and CSR at ICICI Lombard, the leading private general insurer in India. 

Sheena's journey through the finance industry, coupled with her marketing prowess across all kinds of media platforms and her strong focus on CSR, has not only made her a valuable asset to ICICI Lombard but also source of inspiration for professionals, both within and outside ICICI Lombard. 

The role Sheena and her team have been playing along with the other committed professionals at ICICI Lombard has been instrumental in steering the company towards success and social impact and the respect these bring.

Sheena joined ICICI Lombard in January 2022, from Edelweiss Financial Services, Edelweiss Wealth Management, and after 11 years at the Times of India Group. 

Sheena, who has always pursued continuous learning and sought fresh challenges, ventured into heading innovations for the Times of India, where she acquitted herself with distinction across an 11-year period. Her thirst for deeper insights into the business and a desire to work with a market leader in the BFSI space led her to ICICI Lombard. Apart from the fact that it is a great, purpose-driven brand, what helped Sheena come to ICICI was the allure of the additional CSR mandate, which is something close to her heart. 

Sheena emphasizes the importance of proactivity, self-initiation of ideas, and a relentless pursuit of opportunities—principles that have propelled her career forward.

Sheena speaks at length about the important CSR initiatives and campaigns that ICICI Lombard has rolled out, and her eyes light up when she speaks of some memorable initiatives like the employee volunteering program Caring Hands, and ICICI Lombard's involvement with the ICSF Foundation. Notable programs such as Ride to Safety and Niranjali showcase the company's commitment to making a positive impact on society.  Sheena also sheds important light on what helps create and drive the kind of great agency-client relationship that can help deliver such memorable campaigns. 

Sheena Kapoor's journey should also inspire aspiring professionals and exerpienced veterans alike.  So tune in to this episode of MVP The Master’s Voice Podcast , to Sheena Kapoor, Head Of Marketing, Corporate Communications and Csr at ICICI Lombard. This is an insightful conversation with a young leader who embodies the spirit of transformative leadership, great business-building marketing,  and responsible social responsibility to help her company drive both – profit and purpose.


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