Ep 103 of MVP - Desert Vipers CEO Phil Oliver, with whom cricket meets sustainability and leadership takes centre-stage

December 27, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Phil Oliver Season 1 Episode 103
Ep 103 of MVP - Desert Vipers CEO Phil Oliver, with whom cricket meets sustainability and leadership takes centre-stage
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 103 of our award-winning series MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, in which I am delighted to bring you a conversation with  cricket, business and sustainability luminary Phil Oliver, CEO of Desert Vipers from the DP International T20 League, where Phil and his excellent franchise are using the passion of Cricket to drive awareness about, and the impact of,  sustainability for the greater good. Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of Desert Vipers, the cricket franchise that not only aims for excellence on the field but also stands as a beacon for sustainability in the sports industry. Phil is on conversation with me, Pavan R Chawla, Founder-Editor of, and host of MVP The Master's Voice Podcast. 

 Phil  boasts over 15 years of experience in the cricketing world which includes having steered Desert Vipers to prominence as runner-up in the inaugural season of the DP International T20 League in the UAE.  What sets the CEO and his franchise apart is not just cricketing prowess but an unwavering commitment to sustainability. As Phil takes center-stage in this episode, he shares valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by new entrants in cricket, all while emphasizing the pivotal importance sustainability has, and the crucial role it plays, in shaping their brand mission, strategy and growth.

Phil tells me Desert Vipers now stands committed to reducing its footprint with a clear vision of achieving net-zero status by 2040. He passionately discusses the urgent need for action against climate change and how the franchise is actively participating in the UN Sport for Climate Action Framework.

MediaBrief recommends: We urge our listeners to go, get their hands on Desert Vipers’ excellent report entitled Corporate Sustainability Strategy Framework 2023/24, here

Desert Vipers - Driving Purposeful Profit: Beyond the cricket field, Phil sheds light on Desert Vipers' initiatives to engage the younger generation through sustainable practices. The franchise is actively involved in spreading awareness through player engagement, social media campaigns, and interactive sessions with schools and colleges, plus indoor cricket games with corporates. Desert Vipers’ Sustainability in Schools Training Program aims to reach 8,000 kids in Dubai and India, creating a network of individuals and businesses committed to sustainability.

 Desert Vipers, and Diversity, Marketing, and Data Analytics: As the conversation pivots to the cricketing aspect, Phil explores the diversity of the 

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