From Vikram Sakhuja of Madison Media - The Year-ender Masterclass for Media and Marketing pros

January 03, 2024 Pavan R Chawla / Vikram Sakhuja Season 1 Episode 104
From Vikram Sakhuja of Madison Media - The Year-ender Masterclass for Media and Marketing pros
Show Notes

This, the 104th episode of  our award-winning series MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, features highly respected and accomplished Industry captain, thought leader and expert Vikram Sakhuja, Equity Partner and Group CEO of Madison Media & OOH, India's largest independent Media Agency. Vikram is in conversation with Pavan R Chawla, series host and Founder-Editor of

This, our first episode of the year 2024, is a very special Year-ender in which Vikram offers valuable insights and guidance for all professionals across Media, Marketing, Advertising and more; insights we are confident will empower them as they square up to exploit and face the opportunities and challenges respectively in their quest for profit and growth with purpose.

Vikram speaks of 5 important themes in this special year-ender:  

(i) AdEx Movement in 2024: Advertising spending in 2024 is influenced by changing consumer behavior. Digital media growth slows, while traditional media like TV, print, and radio is expected to grow by about 10%. Digital media seems saturated, and traditional media still holds a sizable and loyal audience base.

(ii) Industry Consolidation in 2023: 2023 saw significant consolidation in broadcasting and advertising sectors, driven by the pursuit of scale, efficiency, and profitability. Consolidation's impact on media distribution and pricing is discussed, with no immediate effect on the bargaining power of media agencies and advertisers due to a highly fragmented market.

(iii) Viability of Media Plays (Sports Rights and OTT): Vikram explores challenges and opportunities in sports rights and OTT. Topics include high acquisition costs, monetization potential, innovation challenges, and the role of media agencies in adding value. The conversation praises OTT platforms for diverse, high-quality content, offering a suggestion on facing challenges from YouTube.

(iv) Evolving Role of Media Agencies: The changing media landscape emphasizes the crucial role of media agencies in providing expertise and solutions. Challenges in delivering value while controlling costs are discussed, with suggestions on overcoming them through new technologies, processes, and mindsets.

(v) Importance of Safeguards in the Digital Space: Vikram stresses the need for a safe and transparent digital ecosystem, protecting the interests of all stakeholders. The role of third-party measurement is highlighted, suggesting tech giants lead by example to address issues like ad fraud, waste, and antitrust, ensuring accountability and trust in digital media.

So do tune in, and I hope you find the episode rewarding. Do email us with your feedback. Thanks, and have a lovely 2024!

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