Jo Jackson, CEO - D&AD, on empowering by design, with passion, commitment

January 15, 2024 Pavan R Chawla / Jo Jackson Season 1 Episode 105
Jo Jackson, CEO - D&AD, on empowering by design, with passion, commitment
Show Notes

This, the 105th episode of our award-winning series MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, brings you a deep-dive, inspiring, often chuckle-inducing conversation with the remarkable Jo Jackson, CEO of the globally respected D&AD

As the first female CEO of D&AD, Jo passionately emphasizes the organization's commitment to diversity and equal opportunities. She sheds light on the D&AD Shift program, dedicated to empowering underrepresented emerging talents in the industry.

The discussion delves into the evolution of D&AD awards, exploring trends in award-winning campaigns and the influence of AI on the creative industry. Jo addresses the ownership of intellectual property for AI-generated campaigns.

The conversation takes a turn towards the creative industry in India, highlighting powerful campaigns addressing societal issues. Jo emphasizes the role of awards in encouraging innovation and learning experiences, advocating for greater exposure of Indian creativity globally.

An insightful point emerges as Jo shares a CEO's perspective on remote work versus in-office, providing valuable insights for leaders across sectors. The podcast concludes with a glimpse into D&AD's exciting future plans, including a website revamp and an anticipated in-person festival in London.

Jo unveils D&AD's commitment to a more accessible website, offering masterclasses for professionals at all levels, aligning with the organization's mission as a creative educational charity. The CEO introduces initiatives like Win One Teach One, reflecting D&AD's dedication to fostering a barrier-free community of creative excellence.

Well, then, the 105th Episode of the award-winning series MVP The Master’s Voice Podcast promises valuable knowledge and insights, and multiple surges of inspiration from a peerlessly  passionate, knowledgeable, accomplished and inspired creativity and design professional, and now the first female CEO of the remarkable D&AD – Jo Jackson, who is here at her fluent, inspiring best. Listen, chuckle, reap, revel. Thanks very much.

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