Ep 106 - Industry captain Samir K Modi, MD of Modi Enterprises, on success, growth, and giving back

January 23, 2024 Pavan R Chawla / Samir K Modi Season 1 Episode 106
Ep 106 - Industry captain Samir K Modi, MD of Modi Enterprises, on success, growth, and giving back
Show Notes

In the 106th episode of the award-winning series MVP – The Master's Voice Podcast from, Samir K Modi, the dynamic Managing Director of Modi Enterprises and the visionary behind Colorbar Cosmetics, takes center stage with series host Pavan R Chawla, Founder-Editor of Having celebrated Colorbar's 19th successful year, Modi reflects on his entrepreneurial journey, drawing lessons from experiences that shaped him.

From his early days as a restaurant steward in Australia, Modi learned the value of earning his own money. As a manager with a major tobacco player, he advocated for inclusivity and equality by uniting managers and factory floor workers in a common dining room. Modi's marketing skills flourished at Philip Morris, and he eventually embraced the challenge of overseeing multiple companies entrusted to him by his father.

Emphasizing continuous learning and collaboration, Modi credits his father's influence, stressing the importance of being a lifelong trainee. Sharing personal experiences, he advocates embracing mistakes for growth and advises young entrepreneurs to focus on the future, learn from the best, and maintain self-belief.

Modi highlights women empowerment as a core value at Modi Enterprises, with 50% of the corporate team being women. Discussing Colorbar's journey, he narrates early struggles and the brand's rise as the largest consumer of Italian makeup in India. Looking ahead, Modi reveals plans to enter the Russian market and open multiple stores.

Prioritizing growth without compromises, Modi believes in giving back to the earth, focusing on people, purpose, and the planet over profit. The podcast captures a profound conversation with Samir K Modi, offering insights and advice to empower professionals and entrepreneurs at all stages. 

A testament to Modi's success, this episode inspires with thoughts on continuous growth and the importance of giving back to the earth. Listen in for a compelling dialogue with Samir K Modi, the remarkable MD of Modi Enterprises,  a man who has navigated the entrepreneurial landscape with phenomenal success, always remaining driven by the pursuit of success, growth, and an unwavering commitment to, as we said earlier, giving back to the earth. 

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