THE MASTER'S VOICE PODCAST | Mona Shetty - President, Sound & Vision India: Making Magic With Words

January 17, 2022 Pavan R Chawla / Mona Shetty Season 1 Episode 41
THE MASTER'S VOICE PODCAST | Mona Shetty - President, Sound & Vision India: Making Magic With Words
Show Notes

My  very special guest in this episode of The Master’s Voice Podcast, is Mona Shetty - President, Sound & Vision India, which is India’s biggest and most respected entity for providing globally acclaimed content localization services. Mona herself is the Queen and High Priestess of content localization in India, and a highly respected Voice Actor, Voice Coach and Dubbing Director.

Mona, who initially wanted to remain with her piece of the pie comprising of her own freelance voice work for multiple producers and wanted to eventually add the organized training of voice industry professionals to her work areas, had to clench the important baton of taking further ahead, Sound & Vision India (SVI), the company her mother had founded in 1993. Stepping into the shoes of her illustrious late mother and the then best voice industry professional in India, Mrs Leela  Ghosh, wasn't an easy task.

But Mona, who took over the Sound & Vision India mantle in 2012,  has taken forward Leelaji’s peerless qualities -- her knowledge of multiple languages, her talent for adaptation, creativity, attention to detail and extreme professionalism -- to an even higher level. From translation to adaptation to casting and direction, Mona has been championing it all for delighted global and Indian clients, and in the process, has developed these services into an art form.

Recently, Mona put India on the global content localization map when she became the only sector-leader to be listed by EGA, the Entertainment Globalization Association, on its list of the best global leaders in the content localization space.

Under Mona's leadership, SVI has grown from under 20 to almost 100 employees across 4 offices in India and has established itself as a premium localization company by virtue of its capacity, infrastructure, technical and creative excellence and professional project management. 

In its 28 years so far, Sound and Vision has developed into one of the finest localization companies in the country. Having localized hundreds of hours of content for Theatrical release,TV and OTT platforms for content owners and broadcasters all over the world, SVI is at the forefront of the localization industry with it’s ever evolving Dubbing, Subtitling, Descriptive Audio and Access Services.

Their work spans Theatricals, Marvel Films, Franchises, Web series,  and more, in all Indian languages including Bengali, English, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu, amongst others.

In this episode, Mona shares not only the major SVI milestones, but also what SVI brings to the creative and technical table that has helped it remain ahead of the pack as an industry leader for 28 years now.

She puts forth insightful guidance for anyone aspiring to join the Voice industry in India as a voice artiste, and speaks about the very special, super-intensive, 2-day workshop SVI conducts once a month for those interested in exploring their innate desire to try out to explore if they are suitable for a voice-artiste career.

She also advises voice talent on how to pitch their talent and availability to the producers etc, and also shares inspiration with her own values and beliefs that help her shine every single day.

All this and more in this wonderful chat from the heart. With the wonderful Mona Shetty. I hope you find the  knowledge and insights and natural candour of the effervescent Mona as delightfully engaging and professional rewarding as I did.

So listen in to the Queen and High Priestess of content localization in India – Mona Shetty.