Dawg On-It Trucking Pawedcast

35. I Was Wrong, & I Proved It!

October 09, 2020 Chris Harris, The Safety Dawg Season 1 Episode 35
Dawg On-It Trucking Pawedcast
35. I Was Wrong, & I Proved It!
Dawg On-It Trucking Pawedcast
35. I Was Wrong, & I Proved It!
Oct 09, 2020 Season 1 Episode 35
Chris Harris, The Safety Dawg

Hey, it's Chris Safety Dawg here. I've got a kind of a special episode for you. I've been geeking out on something new that FMC has just released about a week ago, and I'm really excited about it. I know not all of you are going to share the excitement about this new product, the free that's not for sale, but I tell ya, I think it's a game changer. It's a game changer for safety managers. It's a game changer for truck drivers, dispatchers in transportation. Manager's I think this is flipping awesome that FMC has put such work into a new tool and the made it for free. I'm sorry. They didn't make it for free. They made it available to you and I for free. And I want to show you this today because I think it is really important and a great step forward. This episode of the Dawg On It Trucking Pawedcast is brought to you by the national Recruiting and Retention Symposium It is being held virtually on October the 22nd at


00 AM. It's a two hour event and the hole Symposium has wrapped out by Steven. McKowski addressing Driver inc, where we are today and where we need to be tomorrow. And let me give a shout out to Truck right, as they are the platinum sponsor they'll link for registration for this event is on the show notes below. I would urge you to click on the link and take advantage of this pre Symposium Now on with the show. Welcome to the Dawg On It Trucking Pawedcast when it comes to Trucking Safety Dawg is on it. So what was it that let's get on with the show? All right, what the heck am I talking about? Alright let's get into it. All right, here it is this new tool and I'll put the link in the show notes below. So you can get this to they've given us a tool where we can do our own log book questions in this happened recently, one of the, we all know, September the 29th in the us new rules came out and I kinda, I was getting emails based on some of these videos that I've produced. And I was having a real discussion going back and forth with somebody who is quite knowledgeable and very polite, but they were telling me I was wrong and I may still be wrong, right? There is no guarantee that Chris Harris was right. And I repeat it. They were very polite, but I respect that so much. We we're going back and forth as two split sleeper berth after the 29th of September this year, Everything I read from FMC. He says that the two pieces of the split sleeper berth both stop the 14 hour clock 10. This person was saying that you're not correct. That the first piece are the smallest piece of them. Won't stop the 14 hour clock until we complete the second segment of the split sleeper berth. And I found that fascinating and everything that I've read, didn't support that assumption. And I say that, and I, you can hear me hesitate because the wording that the FMC has a used his not crystal clear in my opinion, either. And I can certainly see where this gentleman was coming from and how he was interpreting the FMC essay wording. And it really scared the bejesus out of me that I've made several videos that could have been wrong. And so it was doing more research. And I really have to say he just about had me convinced and then this tool comes out and yeah, I'm so I'm saying, I'm excited about this. This tool comes out. As you can see here, it comes from the federal motor carrier. They included four samples that you can pull up and you can see yourself. So this one here is the revised 30 minute break. You can see there is no violation. And if I click, Oh, sorry, you've got to actually click on the website. So here, you know, 30 minute violation, then of course, we've got another one, a sample Here with a 30 minute rule violation. Well, I don't want to talk about that. Let's get into the split sleeper berth. So they provided us with some samples and here is the split sleeper berth sample. And as you can see, they've even explained when exactly the violation happens. So here, the exes are violations and you can see down in here, the first X represents driving beyond the 14 hour rule, the duty period. And that starts at 2100, So there 2100. The driver is driving beyond, well, let's look at it. How did that happen? Drivers started at midnight. So 14 hours later,

it's 2:

00 PM or a 1400. The driver has not spent any time in the sleeper. Berth is one hour of off dude. He does not qualify as a way to stop the 14 hour clock. So we're at 1400. The driver goes into the sleeper berth. He was there for seven hours, which is one of the new splits, right? 703. But in this case, if there is no three, so as soon as the driver starts to drive again, a 2100 without having 10 hours off, of course that's a violation and it's a 14 hour rule violation. The 11 hour driving rule violation, doesn't start till 2200 hours because he's got one, two, three, four, there are five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. And then of course, one more. And now he's in the 11 hour rule violation. So you gets to violations for that. So that's pretty clear, right? Yeah. I can dig that, that I know I'm old. I said I can dig that my God. All right. So let's get to the one with no violation in here. We are, sorry. Let me, let me click on that. So no violation. Now this is flipping awesome. Yeah, No. And as you can see here, again, we start at midnight. We come on duty and do whatever for an hour. We then Drive for one, two, three, four, or five hours, jump into our sleep or for three Driver start again, driving. And so this would be hours or six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and 11 hours of driving. The driver was in the bunk for three in the sleeper berth goes back into the sleeper berth of for seven totaling of 10 hours, as you can see here. And when he comes back on duty for one hour, he is on duty. Their is no violation. Yeah. He has driven his 11 hours today. So he can't start to drive again. And a 2300 hours goes off duty. So that's perfect, but here's the power of this tool. We can create our own events. And let me show you, So now I Have added two events to this experiment. And as you can see, we've got axes. So in this case, the driver came on duty at midnight, was on duty for an hour, and then started driving well already at nine o'clock the drivers in violation. Well, Y down here. The driver is driving beyond eight hours of drive time without having a 30 minute break. Perfect. No, that's correct. I, at 12 noon, we're breaking the 11 hour driving time rule and at 1400 hours, we're, we've been on duty for 14 hours now. And so we're breaking that rule. Let me add another event. And how do you add an event? You scroll up to the top here and for some reason it's not moving. You love it when your shooting a video and the internet crashes on you. Alright, so I'm reconstructing what I'd done. And let me show you how to add an event. So I'm working on October the first. So I simply pick the date again, a Cobra the first, and you can see, I started driving at one. Well, now I want to go into my sleeper berth. So at


00 AM and you have to pick the zeroes at 6:00 PM. I'm going to hop in to my sleeper-berth and you simply say ad the event and there we go. So they already moved it up. They're so let me do a few more things and I'll come right back. I don't want to keep you in suspense to low. All right. So again, a game changer, I have inputted the splits sleeper berth. So I've put three hours into it, the sleeper berth, because they don't want to do a three and seven. And then I went off driving again. And as you can see here, I've already got one, two, three, four or five hours. And then I went six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12. So I've got a total of 12 hours before I jumped into the sleeper berth. And you can see here that I've got two axes. So the first X, if you scroll down here and I'll get my head out of the way, the first X is I have been driving beyond 14 hours because this section does stop the 14 hour clock, but you must add the time before and after each section in order for it, for you not to be in violation. So the 14 hour clock, if you look at it, I've got, let me scroll down here. Woops. So as I said, I have got a on duty time. I've got six, seven, eight. So right up to 14, because this three hasn't yet stopped the 14 hour clock. So I think it's Geoff. He was correct until we go into the split sleeper berth here. So in order for this to be correct, we now have to go into the sleeper berth for the remainder

of my 10 at 2:

00 PM. So let's let me pause. It. I'll make that change and I'll show you how it corrects itself on here. So as you can see, I went into the sleep Wirth at SU at 2:00 PM or a 1400 hours. And now I have no axes. And of course I have to be in the sleeper berth now for a total of seven, because three plus seven equals 10, we still gotta do our 10. And you can see I've already got 10 hours of driving in today and I'm splitting my sleeper berth. So it's awesome. And of course there's the split sleeper berth is also going to give me my 30 minute break, as long as I don't continuously drive for eight hours now. So I think this is awesome. I think this is a game changer. You can do this yourself, get on here and play with it. drivers' if you've got any questions about the log book, about your GPS system, about your ELD system, and you think it's wrong, get on here, play with it. Dispatchers. When you don't understand that results of your ELD system going on here, we work with it and playing with it. I think it is great. It's a fantastic tool to work with. Now, if any, have you have comments, please leave me a note in the comments below. Do you have some examples that you would like me to do for you then leave it in the comments below. And most importantly asked me questions. What would you like me to cover here? And Safety Dawg let me know if you're a truck driver, leave me a question. What did you questioned you have that you would like me to address if your, a safety manager, what question do you have that you would like me to address as a driver files, maintenance files, company policies, and procedures, log books. ELD is that type of thing. What is it? You would like me to answer and as always, please give it a, like a subscriber. Give it a thumb's up. I appreciate you're all so much for tuning in on a regular basis. This is the Dawg On It Trucking Pawedcast and Chris Harris is thanks so much. You love to show as much as I did. Please leave us a, like a thumbs up a review, a comment, a rating. If it is so much I can, I do really appreciate it and join us again next week for another exciting in Germany.