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Advocacy Archetypes

October 24, 2019 Jeffrey Stewart and Keri McDonough Episode 45
The Syneos Health Podcast
Advocacy Archetypes
Show Notes

Patients have been at the forefront of many of healthcare’s most historic moments—not just as subjects, but also as catalysts for change. Some of today’s advocates look to the early ACT UP years for inspiration; others turn to blueprints established by pioneers like Abbey Meyers or Kathy Guisti. 

In this episode, Keri McDonough, Lead, Advocacy and Patient Relations at Syneos Health, explores how certain patient advocate archetypes – the Caregiver, the Creator, the Citizen, the Magician, and the Rebel – have emerged over time and dig into how social determinants of health, politics of representation and even climate change will influence the advocates of the future.

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