The Syneos Health Podcast

Medical Affairs Series, Part Six: Commercial Plus Medical Affairs

February 19, 2020 Jeffrey Stewart, Suma Ramadas & Andy Hurley Episode 54
The Syneos Health Podcast
Medical Affairs Series, Part Six: Commercial Plus Medical Affairs
Show Notes

It may seem counter-intuitive to use the words “Commercial” and “Medical Affairs” in the same sentence. But with the evolution of Medical Affairs from a tactical support function to a strategy driving organization, it’s become clear that by partnering, the collective and complementary strengths of Medical Affairs and Commercial organizations will drive greater success than ever before. 

In part six of our Medical Affairs Series, Suma Ramadas from our Medical Affairs team at Syneos Health Consulting, and Andy Hurley, who leads the Commercial Integration team at Syneos Health, discuss the intersection and alignment of Commercial and Medical Affairs functions and how they can work together to bring the full value story of a product to the customer.

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