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Learning Agility

September 02, 2020 Jeffrey Stewart, Kiely Flanigan and Karen White Episode 75
The Syneos Health Podcast
Learning Agility
Show Notes

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adapt in unprecedented ways. More than ever, learning agility – the desire, capability, and skillset that allow people to navigate change and uncertainty – has become critical to organizational success and can lead to new opportunities. 

In this episode, Syneos Health® experts, Karen White, Vice President of Human Resources and Kiely Flanigan, Director of Global Medical Affairs from our consulting team, discuss why learning agility matters and how it can add value to business areas across the pharmaceutical industry, from global drug launches to the increasing number of rare disease therapies. 

For a deeper dive into our perspective on how businesses have adapted during COVID-19, read this report. Be sure to check out our recent article on learning agility  and listen to the rest of our Medical Affairs podcast series episodes: 

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