The Syneos Health Podcast

2021 HEALTH TRENDS EDITION: Omnichannel Experience

July 15, 2021 Jeffrey Stewart
The Syneos Health Podcast
2021 HEALTH TRENDS EDITION: Omnichannel Experience
Show Notes

In this episode of the Syneos Health Podcast: 2021 Health Trends Edition, we share the latest thinking on the potential for our industry to make healthcare interactions and communications more personal and useful. 

Many life sciences organizations are quickly moving into that world of right person, right message, right moment messaging and scaling internal expertise and external partnership to move from one-to-one messaging to synchronized personal/nonpersonal communications to truly optimized engagement.

Listen and learn from Syneos Health experts, Leigh Householder, Managing Director, Omnichannel Strategy, Howard Brock, Senior Managing Director, Customer Engagement/Consulting, Alex Brock, Managing Director, Omnichannel (EU) and Dr. Annah Sclafani, Data Scientist. 

Curious where your organization sits on the omnichannel maturity curve? Click here.

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