The Conscious Investor

Bethany Finch on Understanding Credit / Other People's Money

September 28, 2021 Julie Holly Season 2
The Conscious Investor
Bethany Finch on Understanding Credit / Other People's Money
Show Notes

 As many of us are exploring how to build and grow generational wealth we run into the saying “Use other people’s money”  But what does that really mean? Is that even an option?  What if I said Yes?  What opportunity would open up for you? 

Bethany Finch, the co-founder of American Made Home Solutions, shares an incredible amount of information for anyone looking to grow their business wealth, and with incredible hacks to help you out.  She goes over so much information on how to use credit, build credit, and avoid some huge mistakes along the way. Just Ask her How she knows. 

You don’t know what you don’t know, Think Differently.

What does it mean to use other people’s money? How does it apply to you?

What differences are there between personal credit and your business credit? 

How can you build your business credit correctly? 

Why is it important to go through the hoops to create a credit profile?

“See a Need, Fill a Need.” 

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Bethany Finch, Bio

Bethany is a driven leader and co-founder of American Made Home Solutions. Bethany has over 25 years in Multifamily and entrepreneurial business management. She spent many of those years also devoted to teaching in corporate America and non-profits

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