The Conscious Investor

Kim Scully on Transitions of Life

October 06, 2021 Julie Holly Season 2
The Conscious Investor
Kim Scully on Transitions of Life
Show Notes

As life changes, we are faced with different opportunities and adventures. Sometimes making the decision to start something new we ask, “What’s the worst that could happen?”  Take each moment in stride and trust your own knowledge and ability to adapt. Failure is not an end, It is how you define it.  So what’s the worst that could happen? You learn something new.

Kim Scully, a real estate investor, made a huge leap to move from Alaska to Tennessee. She and her husband had property there that needed their attention. She chose to not let failure be an option and trusted her knowledge. She continued to grow and develop the skills she needed to be successful.

Work should be an adventure.

How do you handle transitions? 

How do you define failure? Do you let failure stand in your way?

What do you do when an opportunity arises? 

Why is it important to like yourself? And be interested in what you are doing? 

“Trust you have, or will have the knowledge to do what you need to do”

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