The Conscious Investor

Who is Todd Smith?

October 19, 2021 Julie Holly Season 3
The Conscious Investor
Who is Todd Smith?
Show Notes

Creating great places to live that bring growth and meaning to a community is a life passion for Todd Smith. 

In this segment with Todd, he tells his story on how he got started. What was the ah-ha moment that led him to bring purpose to communities?  Expressing his love for culture and how the built environment connects our past and shows where we came from.

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What started as a (surprisingly plausible) model of a passive solar chalet for a Grade 4 science fair, culminated over many years as the creative work of developing places where people flourish.

Today, as an incremental real estate developer, Todd creates places people love to live and are proud to call home. Humanizing, beautiful places in characterful, green neighborhoods that encourage health and well-being.

He also creates opportunities for the purpose-driven investor to share in the vision of renewing people and places and multiply their resources, stewardship, and impact.