Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration

Device Market, vPro & Channel Trends with Intel’s Sarah Wieskus

March 30, 2022 JS Group Season 2 Episode 1
Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration
Device Market, vPro & Channel Trends with Intel’s Sarah Wieskus
Show Notes

On this special episode of Channel Smart, sponsored by Intel, Janet Schijns hosts Sarah Wieskus, Intel’s Global Sales Director. Janet and Sarah discuss demand and supply chain challenges creating device shortages, the advantages of Intel’s vPro platform, the overall inability to obtain devices (chip shortage, etc.). and related channel challenges and trends.

We’ve seen record demand stimulated by the move to work from home. Unfortunately, the supply chain has struggled to keep up with this demand. Janet and Sarah discuss the drive to refresh technology at home and the market impacts. This segment segues into a discussion of Intel’s move to build chips in the US, which will create many new jobs.

The conversation evolves into the impact on the channel and how channel partners are changing how they go to market. Sarah discusses how this has impacted Intel and her team specifically. She now sees her global team more often, which has led to greater creativity and innovation. She also shares the many challenges and concerns of supporting users in diverse home environments.

The conversation shifts to the Intel vPro platform and how it helps support enterprise end-customer needs, specifically while working remote. To qualify for vPro certification, platforms must have the right technology, security, remote management, and more. vPro comes in all form factors, making it easy for IT to understand where the enterprise standard is set. Janet and Sarah then discuss some of the use cases for vPro and how it creates business advantage.

The podcast shifts to Sarah sharing Intel’s perspective on the role of the channel in addressing the changing market. Sarah shares, “MSPs are hugely important in this space since they have SLA’s they have to meet and want to improve.” vPro offers an opportunity to improve SLAs and positions customers for the upgrade to Windows 11.  

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