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Social Selling with Karin Freeland-Aviles

April 11, 2022 JS Group Season 2 Episode 2
Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration
Social Selling with Karin Freeland-Aviles
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In this episode of Channel Smart, we start exposing our audience to more of the JS Group’s team. Paul Yantus, Vice President of JS Group Digital Marketing, hosts Karin Freeland-Aviles, JS Group’s Vice President of Digital Go-to-Market & Learning, to discuss social selling.

The episode starts with a discussion about how social selling is often misunderstood; people forget or choose not to be social. This leads to spammy interactions that are a real turn-off for the target audience. Karin then shares how relationship building is the foundation of social selling.

The rapid move to work at home due to the pandemic put a new emphasis on social selling. Karin points out how decisions makers are online now more than ever. Social sellers need to take advantage of this, and this starts with reaching out and putting customer needs first.

Karin and Paul pivot to discuss how marketing and social selling should work together and how vital marketing content can be in supporting social selling. Karin then discusses employee ambassador programs to engage more of the organization in social selling.

The conversation evolves into a discussion of the personal makeup of a social seller. How important it is that social media is woven into how they go about their day – not something they do because it’s their job. Karin then shares what companies should do with executives who are not social natives.

Paul and Karin conclude by discussing the people they train and coach and some of their experiences – good and bad. Karin states, “you get out of it, what you put into it.” This statement sums up some of both their experiences.

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