Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration

The Changing Channel Ecosystem with Charlie Cox

October 03, 2022 JS Group Season 2 Episode 3
Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration
The Changing Channel Ecosystem with Charlie Cox
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In this episode of Channel Smart, we’re discussing how the channel is evolving and the role of ecosystems. Our guest for this episode is Charlie Cox, Senior VP of Channel Transformation at JS Group. Before his role with JSG, Charlie built and led a highly successful technology solutions company with a blue-chip list of Fortune 500 and ISV customers.

The episode opens with a discussion about changes brought about by the pandemic, aging out, and new people entering the channel. The conversation quickly flips to looking at how the customers have moved to a consumption model with a complexity requiring leveraging multiple partners, which has precipitated the need for new ecosystems.

The development of new ecosystems naturally leads to a conversation on the impact of change on the various components of the channel, including vendors, distributors, partners, etc., and the need for channel orchestration, marketplaces, and channel consolidation.

We discuss the accelerating pace of change, the growing volume of ISVs and new solutions, and the number of new partners entering the channel. We also touch on the rising role of Channel Chief within organizations.

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