Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration

Partner & Customer Relationships

October 11, 2022 JS Group Season 2 Episode 4
Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration
Partner & Customer Relationships
Show Notes

In this episode of Channel Smart, we’re discussing partner relationships with customers. Our guest is Kris Blackmon, Chief Channel Officer at JS Group. Kris is a sitting member of CompTIA’s Channel Development Council and a passionate advocate of diversity in the workplace. 

This episode opens with a discussion about the recent MSP Summit and conversation topics from the show floor. These conversations lead us to discuss the buyer’s journey and how it impacts partners.

Focusing on customer success becomes a theme that carries the episode through the episode with Kris sharing her top three areas where she believes MSPs should focus: 

  1. Speak the Customer’s Language
  2. Monitor Adoption Metrics
  3. Automate the Backoffice

Be forewarned; this episode is double the length of our average episode, so grab a cup of coffee and get ready to get Channel Smart.

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