Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration

The Evolving Channel with Heather Tenuto

October 31, 2022 JS Group Season 2 Episode 5
Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration
The Evolving Channel with Heather Tenuto
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Janet Schijns is back as the host for our latest episode of Channel Smart. In this episode, we’re discussing how the channel is changing and the emergence of ecosystems. Our guest is Heather Tenuto, Chief Revenue Officer at Zift Solutions

This episode opens with a discussion of alternate/non-transacting partners. Examples of these types of partners are those that refer the sale or provide value in increasing adoption and retention. Suppliers are taking a step back to consider how their customers want to buy and where the various partners fit in that ecosystem.

The conversation evolves into a discussion about how not all channels are the same and how alternative channels have emerged and created change. This evolving channel has also changed how suppliers use tools to support the channel ecosystem.

The episode concludes with Janet asking Heather what the big change that will happen in 2023 in the channel? Channel leaders will become financial experts because the market demands it. Everyone will need to support their channel initiatives with numbers that show they are working and creating value.

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