Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration

The Partner Experience with Meredith Caram

November 01, 2022 JS Group Season 2 Episode 6
Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration
The Partner Experience with Meredith Caram
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In this episode of Channel Smart, we’re discussing channel partner experience with our guest is Meredith Caram, Chief Revenue Officer of JS Group. We also talk about how to communicate more effectively with partners and customers.

Our first topic is competitive differentiation and how it impacts the partner relationship. Meredith states that 50% of partners drop vendors from their portfolio because they failed to differentiate. Partners are looking for vendors who are investing in differentiation, activating partners, and looking for feedback.

The conversation discusses important considerations when dealing with partners and what partners are looking for in vendors. The episode touches on the partner experience and various touchpoints where partners and vendors disconnect.

The episode concludes with a brief discussion of technology's role in supporting partners. This touches on marketing automation and partner relationship management solutions. 

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