Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration

Accelerating Sales at Asponte Technologies

April 30, 2023 JS Group Season 3 Episode 1
Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration
Accelerating Sales at Asponte Technologies
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The Asponte Technology team joins us for this episode of Channel Smart, and we explore accelerating sales through technology, culture, and data-driven testing. Vlad Kraus, Director of Social Media & Data Analytics at JSG, hosts Duffy Fron, Chief Commercial Officer, and Nick Bomleny, Director of Marketing from Asponte Technology. Barb Goworowski, CMO & COO of JSG, also participate in this conversation.

The episode opens with Nick sharing how, back in 2020, Asponte saw buying and information-gathering patterns of buyers changing. Reviewing data about buying behavior pointed to a need to change how Asponte approached sales. “We started to see how buyers were changing and spending less time with salespeople and more online,” said Nick Bomleny.

At the same time, Asponte Technology was looking at refreshing its entire sales and marketing technology stack, and they also took JSG’s Social Selling course. The social selling course was a catalyst that drove a cultural change. New technology, a culture shift, and a greater focus on data helped accelerate the company’s growth. As you listen to the episode, you’ll hear how this combination led to 600% sales growth and transformed the company.

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