Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration

How Technology & Analytics Are Changing The Channel

June 01, 2023 JS Group Season 3 Episode 2
Channel Smart | Ecosystem Acceleration
How Technology & Analytics Are Changing The Channel
Show Notes

Jasmina Muller, Ecosystems Chief at PartnerTap, joins us for this episode of Channel Smart to discuss how technology and analytics are changing how the channel works. Janet Schjins, CEO and Co-Founder of JSG, returns as host.

Jasmina discusses how PartnerTap is taking an ecosystem-wide approach to growth. PartnerTap is a partner data enterprise co-selling platform that gives partners the data they need to scale up co-selling across their channel ecosystem.

Most channel selling happens remotely, and if you can’t connect or your computer isn’t up to the task. As Janet says,” The technology needs to work, and you need accessible support.” Remote support is where Intel vPro helps channel leaders accel at their jobs.

Security is also a significant concern, and it requires us to have the right hardware, software, and training to ensure we’re protecting ourselves and our data. Jasmina shares how PartnerTap security extends to internal IT decisions, which is why they rely on Intel vPro.  

It’s an exciting time in the channel, and research shows many changes. It’s not you as a lone ranger any longer, but you as a partner working with other partners to be successful. Jasmina shares that at PartnerTap, we ask ourselves how to help partners with a long-term strategy and sell more together.

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