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Ep 16. What's Chicken got to do with Business Continuity?

July 07, 2020 Laura Toplis Season 1 Episode 16
Biz Bytes
Ep 16. What's Chicken got to do with Business Continuity?
Show Notes

What does KFC running out of chicken have in common with how companies respond to a pandemic?

Both rely on a business continuity plan to recover

Whether it's a pandemic, a natural disaster, or something that could impact your reputation, a business continuity plan (BCP) will show you what steps you need to take, who you need to engage, the messages you need send, and how you will recover your business.

Because in the digital age, the world is watching, and how you respond will impact your reputation

Today I talk with Laura Toplis about BCP.

We explore:

  • What elements should be considered
  • Why a Business Impact Analysis is crucial
  • The need to keep your BCP up to date

And we discuss recent examples of where companies have handled a crisis well, and where they haven't

About Laura:
Laura Toplis was the Business Continuity Coordinator for the New Zealand Ambulance Service and has developed a product from her experiences called BCP Builder – an Online Business Continuity Plan Template. 

BCP Builder helps small and medium sized businesses quickly design and build their own unique ISO22301-compliant business continuity plan, to be better prepared when disruption strikes to respond rapidly and recover confidently.