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S2.E6. Go Phone Free to increase your digital wellbeing

March 16, 2021 The IT Psychiatrist / Taino Bendz Season 2 Episode 6
Biz Bytes
S2.E6. Go Phone Free to increase your digital wellbeing
Show Notes

Put your phone down for a minute...

Now how long could you leave it?

A few minutes?
A few hours?
A few days...

Or are you already getting FOMO?

Putting your phone down is the challenge that Phone Free day (March 19) puts to us as part of the growing movement for empowering people to use technology in a smarter and more purposeful way.

All in an effort to reduce technostress and improve digital wellbeing.

In today's episode, I talk with Taino Bendz, the driving force behind NZ's phone-free day to find out more.

Taino has spent 10 years working in the corporate technology sector and is passionate about using innovations to support people and enable us to live happier and healthier lives. For many of us, however, digital technology such as smartphones are a source of stress, disturbed sleep, distraction, and can even come between relationships (have you heard the term ´phubbing´?). To empower people and promote balanced device usage, Taino founded the non-profit Phone Free Day as a challenge and catalyst for change, as well as the business PhoneSmart where he runs workshops and presentations. He had a Phone Free wedding ceremony back in 2014 and the guests loved it (yes there was a photographer!).

To find out more about phone-free day, visit