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S2.E8: Going global brings new challenges

April 06, 2021 The IT Psychiatrist / Morgan Hardy Season 2 Episode 8
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S2.E8: Going global brings new challenges
Show Notes

So you're thinking of selling your products offshore.

You've set up local distribution channels, got the manufacturing sorted, and your website is ready to go.

What about tax? 

The indirect tax, like GST and VAT.

Or the more complex, like the split between a state and a federal tax system.

As your business changes and grows, Tax can become more complicated.

So which is why it's important to get good tax advice, early.

In this episode I catch up with international tax expert Morgan Hardy from i-Tax solutions to find out more

Morgan Hardy established ITS to help New Zealand exporters sell NZ goods and services to the world. Morgan has been working in the tax field for over 20 years with experience from both practice and commercial roles with multinational consultancies and companies.  Combining a strong commercial focus with solid global tax understanding his experience includes:

International tax including transfer pricing and cross border transactions
Resolving audits and tax disputes across Europe, Asia and the US (state and federal)
Tax planning
Tax compliance management