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S2.E11: From inception to exit - the commercial realities of running a Technology start up

May 04, 2021 The IT Psychiatrist / Edwin Lim and Sarah-Jane Lawson Season 2 Episode 11
Biz Bytes
S2.E11: From inception to exit - the commercial realities of running a Technology start up
Show Notes

Did you hear the one about the company that launched a product, went global, and sold for millions of dollars? 

Yes, everyone has heard that story.

They make it all sound so easy, but the truth is they will have had some solid advice throughout the journey.

People to help them get their house in order at every stage of the business lifecycle. Stage like:

Getting the business started and ensuring you have good agreements in place to protect your cofounders
Making sure the right IP structures are in place.
Commercialising your product
And, most importantly, scaling and funding.

Because you never know when capital may come knocking - and you don't want anything to get in the way of getting the best valuation possible.

From tech to tax, loyalty to Legal, good advisors help you do everything at the right time.

In the latest episode of Biz Bytes, I talk with Edwin Lim and Sarah-Jane Lawson from Legal Firm Hudson Gavin Martin that specialises in tech, media and IP law about the commercial realities of tech.

Ed, a partner at HGM, lives and breathes tech. From an early age he’s been pulling apart and putting together computers and gadgets. He is in a unique position where he can leverage his qualifications and experience to provide technical, commercial and legal advice to clients on tech and other matters. Ed has the coveted CTO role at HGM where he continues to pull apart and put together all things tech.

Sarah-Jane, Special Counsel for HGM, has extensive experience in corporate and commercial law, including business sales and purchases, restructuring, joint ventures, capital raising, shareholder agreements and a range of commercial agreements. Prior to joining HGM in 2013, she has in-house experience acting as legal counsel for Coca-Cola Amatil.