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S2.E13: Values Based Recruitment

June 01, 2021 The IT Psychiatrist / Vic Jack Season 2 Episode 13
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S2.E13: Values Based Recruitment
Show Notes

Your business is taking off, you're hiring more people to meet the growing demand. The decisions you make now could have long consequences if you get them wrong.

Hiring is costly, but attrition is expensive.

If you get the hiring right from the start, the better it is for your business.

So how do you ensure that you hire the right people?

You hire people who match your values of course. 

In today's episode, I talk with Vic Jack about the power of values-based recruitment.

About my guest:
Vic is the Principle Consultant at Maslow Limited, a People and Culture Agency that supports creative and tech industries with a value based recruitment model. 

Vic's aim is to assist her clients and help them to provide flexible work opportunities for talented individuals.