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S2.E14: Representing Culture in a Digital World

June 15, 2021 The IT Psychiatrist / John Shortland Season 2 Episode 14
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S2.E14: Representing Culture in a Digital World
Show Notes

Digital has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

When new projects are being explored, who represents the needs of your culture?

You... or is it a token effort?

Regardless of what benefits technology brings, each culture needs to be responsible for their own journey through the digital age and to beyond to ensure they get all the benefits.

In this episode I catch up with John Shortland, of Nga Puhi and Tainui descent,  to discuss what happens when culture collides with technology.

About the guest
Based in Tolaga Bay on New Zealand's East Coast, John is a Full-stack .NET Developer with diverse knowledge and skills across various vertical markets. He specialises in developing robust, scalable, and most importantly – reliable solutions using the latest strategies, methodologies, and technologies.

And, more importantly, John is a strong believer that Maori must be responsible for guiding their own journey in technology.