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S2.E16: Onboarding as a superpower

July 13, 2021 The IT Psychiatrist / Scott Anderson Season 2 Episode 16
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S2.E16: Onboarding as a superpower
Show Notes

What do the All Blacks, prenuptials and onboarding new clients all have in common?


Businesses that want to start a successful relationship with a new client need to set expectations at the start.

It doesn't hurt to approach it like a prenuptial agreement.

And that's where the All Blacks bring inspiration. While they have a strong strategy. They also have a values-based culture that dictates no one is bigger than the team.

In today's episode, I talk with Scott Anderson, possibly Omaha's biggest rugby fan about the value of onboarding, how to avoid making mistakes, and why you need to be prepared to walk away. We do talk a bit of rugby too.

About the guest:

Scott Anderson is the founder and CEO of Double Dare, an executive coaching and consulting practice that dares entrepreneurs and executives to fully live their unique talent, passion and purpose. In his spare time, he's also a big rugby fan.