EP009-Buzzing For Bees with Anne Hutton
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EP009-Buzzing For Bees with Anne Hutton
Apr 10, 2020 Episode 9
John Jones

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In episode number 009 of Master My Garden podcast we talk all things bee's with Anne Hutton. 

Anne is a keen gardener (doing great things in an urban garden) , Beekeeper and pro and secretary of Carlow beekeepers association. We talk about how somebody could go about getting involved in bee keeping and hear lots of interesting information about bee's and pollinators. We discuss the best plants, trees and flowers to provide food for the bee's and other pollinators all year round. All and all it is a really interesting chat.
Anne is pro and secretary of Carlow Beekeepers Association and their website is www.carlowbeekeepers.com you will find all the links discussed in the show here. Carlow Beekeepers also have a Facebook page @carlowbeekeepers  and instagram@carlowbeekeepers
Anne also has her own facebook and instagram accounts documenting her bee keeping, gardening, foraging etc.and there is some really interesting stuff there its thebeehutt 

Anne also mentioned a book worth checking its the Haynes Bee Manual as a starter book if you are getting into beekeeping.

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