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EP030-Open Garden Interview with Kevin Begley Coolwater Garden

August 28, 2020 John Jones Episode 30
Master My Garden Podcast
EP030-Open Garden Interview with Kevin Begley Coolwater Garden
Show Notes

In this weeks episode of Master My Garden Podcast I am joined by Kevin Begley from Coolwater Garden. Coolwater garden is the third open garden feature on the podcast and although I haven't yet visited it sounds like a really interesting garden, unlike other open gardens it has no lawn or large herbaceous borders. Instead Coolwater features many native plants, a large pond area and a huge amount of alpine plants which have found their home in some of the 70 throughs and many containers in this garden which is open to the public all year apart from 2 weeks over Christmas/New year and is a garden I will certainly visit very soon. 

About Coolwater Garden

A small private garden set on half an acre, which is open 12 months of the year, by prior arrangement, to groups.  Distinctively different, Coolwater Garden, overlooked on either side by Skule Hill and Rockstown Castle, is designed for year round structure and shape. Its highlights contain a really cool water garden, a large number of landscaped Alpine troughs, covered Arid section, combe bordered with thyme running between two ponds, fern dell, juniper escarpment, Lewisia outcrop, Japanese Maple bed, bamboo, heath, etc, etc. Lizards, newts and frogs love the garden and have made it their home. Native stickleback fish explore for food in the water.


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