Master My Garden Podcast
EP176- Pest & Disease Problems In Your Garden. What can we do ?
EP176- Pest & Disease Problems In Your Garden. What can we do ? 31:19 EP175- Paul Brady Talks About Clondeglass Garden & His Plans For The Gardens Future Evolution 40:20 EP174- How To Establish A Wildflower Meadow, No Mow May and more!! 38:05 EP173 What To Sow In May & Other Gardening Jobs 31:03 EP172- How To Have The Perfect Lawn This Spring 23:38 EP171- Carmen Cronin Chats All About Clare Garden Festival 2023 36:18 EP170- With Terrible Weather How Do We Look After Our Young Seedlings This April 26:19 EP169-What Vegetables You Can Sow In April & What Seeds I am Sowing This Month 21:21 EP168- Listener Question Answered Two Old Large Water Tanks What Should I Plant ? 31:27 EP167- What Plants For Shaded Areas? Mike Keep Shady Plants Chats About The Best Plants For Shaded Areas Of The Garden 44:33 EP166- Soil Health The Cornerstone Of A Successful Garden 23:15 EP165- What To Sow In March & Other Gardening Jobs 22:55 EP164- Vine Weevil In Pots & Hanging Baskets What Should I Do ? Listener Question Answered 27:29 EP163- What's Seeds To Sow Now At The End Of February 24:03 EP162- Gardening Trends For 2023 With Andrew Bunting Vice President of Horticulture at Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 48:33 EP161-Ingrid Smyth GLDA Chats About The 2023 GLDA Seminar "Letting Nature In" 40:19 EP160- Paul Smyth Head Gardener Chats About RHSI Bellefield, Snowdrop Open Days & Much More 43:26 EP159- Planning Your Vegetable Garden This January 26:30 EP158- How To Create A Fruit Garden With Your Children This Bareroot Season 31:21 EP157- Kitty Scully Chats Organic Growing Techniques, No Dig Growing & Much More 55:39 EP156 Happy Christmas & New Year From John 5:56 EP155- Listener Question Answered Should I Plant My Bare-root Hedge Now ? 12:18 EP154- Jeff Lowenfels Chats About His Latest Book Teaming With Bacteria 44:39 EP153- Creating A Community Garden With Dee Sewell Greenside Up Veg 40:03 EP152 Christmas Gifts For Gardeners 2022 With Natasha Tierney Diy & Dreams 56:55