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Is Soy Actually Healthy? | Soy Facts with Dr. Matthew Nagra

August 14, 2022 Dr. Matthew Nagra Season 3 Episode 42
Vegan Body Coach Podcast
Is Soy Actually Healthy? | Soy Facts with Dr. Matthew Nagra
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On today’s show… what’s up with soy?

You’ve likely all heard someone claim that soy is bad for health, causes breast cancer, lowers testosterone and makes men grow boobs. 

But where did this all come from? And what does the evidence have to say about  it.

I dive into it that with Dr. Nagra to provide all you soy boys and girls with an easy to digest resource to understand the science on soy, and to share it with all of your skeptical friends.

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See ya in the next one, plant friends. 

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When did Dr. Nagra transition to a PB diet?
Medical practice as a vegan
Reading research, checking your bias
Soy claims - where did they come from?
Soy's effects on hormones
Soy's effects on cancer
Soy's effects on CVD
Who shouldn't have soy?
What about processed soy products?
What to eat and how much?
Iodine and salt
Final questions & wrap up