ReInvent Yourself To Greatness With Sahar

4 ways to stay positive during Covid-19

April 15, 2020 ReInvent Yourself With Sahar Season 2 Episode 3
ReInvent Yourself To Greatness With Sahar
4 ways to stay positive during Covid-19
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We live in a very uncertain times that causes a lot of stress due to the #Coronavirus.
But we need to remember hat it is not the end of life, the sun will always come out.
We can get down through a rabbit hole of depression and negativity and we can chose to make lemonade out of the lemons that life threw at us.

There are ways to stay positive I am sharing 4 tips on staying positive though they are not exhaustive.

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Hello. Hello. Hello. This is your host Sahar Andrade. And this is the reinvent yourself to greatness with Sahar. Because of what? The times that we are going through right now, which is really a time of uncertainty and anxiety. We don't know what's gonna happen. We feel like we're losing control. We are. Some people are really depressed because they don't know what's gonna happen. They fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel and they keep being inside the dark tunnel.  

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And I'm here to tell you that this is not the end of the world that we are gonna emerge out of that. This is from someone that lived through catastrophes before. You know, we survived 9 11 I survived in 19 94. The big earthquake. What? I lost everything you know I was a victim of fires and, you know, lost few things few times in my life, and I always come back stronger, not because I'm a superhero and not because I'm femme extraordinaire. It has nothing to do with that. It just has to do with our mindset.  

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So today I thought about sharing,  four things or four powerful ways that we can stay positive with, because sometimes staying positive is easier said than done. And that's why there are many, many ways that you can you can be positive with, actually and have a positive attitude. But I'm gonna share only four for now. We all hear that people tell us "Oh, just stay positive" and as if it's like it's a switch that to turn on and off. But it's we all know it's not like that. The greater the challenge, the more that we see the glass is half empty than half full. We should embrace the wisdom of  always looking at the glass half full.  

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And if we do that, I know that sometimes when people will look at this, this is a new word that I that I learned by the way and That's why I want to share it. Pollyannish, you know, like we're see, everything is rosy and everything is pinkish and everything is great and some people even think it's unrealistic. But I'm one of those people that always, always, always sees the light around the clouds. I am very optimistic. Maybe because I'm a libra, I don't know. You want to call me Pollyannish? Here we go. The word that I just learned I'm fine with that. Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to focus on the positive when positives when the positivity seems like nothing more than wishful thinking. And and I get that I get that feeling, believe me. But the only obstacle or the real obstacle for positivity is that how our brains are wired. They are created on focusing on danger, either real or perceived, and focusing on on threats. The survival mechanism is what made us or served us as human beings since the cave man. You know when, when the caveman dependent on their instincts either to catch food for their family or to survive living every day with a real threat that either they can be killed by someone or something in there surrounding or someone can take away their possessions. But But we need to remember this was millions and millions and millions of years ago, centuries ago, but and I understand that the human brain never really changed from the cave man till now.  

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But our way of thinking is what changed? Yes, the old mechanism actually breeds negativity and breeds pessimism. And that's why our negativity thinking is the default of our brain, though the mind can actually changes itself to positive. The tendency to wonder actually is how we survive because of the threats around you, the threats magnify the perceived way of how things are gonna go or how it's gonna be performed in a poor way when the threat is real and when it's like we can see it down the path. This mechanism actually serves us well because this is again. It's a survival mechanism. Our brain is an efficiency tool. But if the threat is something that we imagine, that is not there. But we keep, like, totally focusing and and going through that down the rabbit hole and we spent 2 to 3 months around the COVID19 and the change we are going through might take years to come , this is something that is gonna change our life or do havoc in our life.  

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This is when we need to start being thinking in a different way at things like If they are threat, it leaves us with a very sour taste in our mouth of what reality is and that can wreaks actually havoc in our life.  

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Maintaining positivity is a daily challenge that requires focus and attention that requires it as seek after attention and effort that we need to do to stay positive. Because again, negativity is our default. We must be intentional about staying positive. And I'm not saying here like, just like it's a woo thing. And let's like, light candles and and sing Kumbaya do. Lighting candles can help me and and And I'm not saying just go into Zen, then is the perfect medium that we should thrive to achieve to stay positive. But it's not about that. It's about overcoming our brain tendency to focus on threats, but it won't happen on its own, and it won't happen because we're gonna flip a switch.  

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That's why positivity is a skill that we need to pay extra attention to, and now is the very right time. We have so much time on our hands and because of what's going on and because of the news, we are tending to go into a negative hall and see everything as doom and gloom. That catastrophic icing catastrophe izing everything. So I want you to know that there is actually a correlation between positivity and your health. Pessimism or being pessimistic all the time is trouble because it's bad for your health. Even the Mayo clinic has found that optimistic people have lower level of heart diseases and longer life spans. Also, it's the same thing that that that that leads that pessimism can actually shorten your life. Yes, that the exact factors have not been identified. But even Yale University have found that pessimism is associated with a weaker immune system. And it all comes from stress and cortisol that is basically act against our body, our safety and our health I mean, whatever you're looking at is has to do with our performance and our productivity. Obviously, if everything is doom and gloom, our productivity will go really down. So keeping a positive attitude is not just good for your health, but it's the connection between what you can perform, achieve and be productive.  

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So these are the four things that I'm going to share with you to stay positive.  

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1- The first thing that you can do is in the morning. The minute you wake up, take a deep breath, you know, and go out, or look from a window and look at one thing that you think is beautiful. One thing you love. Even if you see beauty in the clouds, just acknowledge that there is beauty. Or if you have dogs or a cat, look at them and their conditional love that they show you in their eyes. That's all you need to do in the beginning.

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2- Number two: Separate that what we think is only in our head and has nothing to do with realities to separate what is reality and non reality. So the first step in learning how to focus on the positive thing means that you need to learn how to stop negative thinking or negative self talk in its tracks, and I know It's not easy because the more we go deeper and deeper and negative thought, the more power we give it over us. So when we find ourselves going down that negative path, what we need to do, the first thing that you need to do believe it's not. Write it down because till we write things down and our eyes see something that is written in front of our in front of our eyes, our brain will not understand what it is. So this way we can deal with it right away and start thinking about it If you're if you're really that stuck, is it because there is something that you can ask for help for? Is it something that you can change on your own? Is it something that you need to learn? Is it something maybe that you can see a therapist for? Is it something that you can ask a friend or a colleague to help you with? And maybe this is something where you ask yourself: I don't even know if this is true. This never happened to me. So now you are separating between you know what is fake and what is reality feels. Did this happen before that. It always happens because our brain's natural threat tendency inflates or multiplies the severity of what we can see as negative. So separate your thoughts from facts. Is it something that I for sure know it happened or is happening? Or this is something that my brain just think it might happen to protect me. It doesn't. The change will not happen overnight, so you need to practice it. And as we know, any habits is formed in 21 days, no matter what happens, you know how they tell you this is number.  

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3- The third tip? NRemember how they tell you that out of lemon Do eliminate. So identify something positive that it's coming out of it. Like when When the COVID19 or Corona virus started, I started feeling like, really down with everything around us. And then I started feeling like, Oh, you know what I wanted? I had. I'm not kidding you. I have probably like start 7 to 10 projects that I had started and just being busy at work, driving here and there and meeting with clients would stop me from doing it. Though it's something that if these projects were things that were refreshing, my soul and something that makes me happy. But I always put it on the back burner because I felt I need to work and make money. So I always didn't have time for them. And now I have time and I have been starting these project one by one, and they have such a coolness inside of me. Now that I feel that I'm so fulfilled and satisfied because I'm starting doing what I love to do, I'm spending more time with my husband. I'm I'm playing more with my dogs because I never had the time before. You know, it's making me feel that I need to think about what I'm eating now because I need to be healthy because I need to maintain my immune system. Now I have the time to stop and smell the coffee or the roses in the backyard, for that matter. So this is a blessing in disguise and please don't get me wrong, my heart goes out and I have pain for people that have been passing away from the disease and people that are suffering from it, But I'm saying that we can look individually at something positive in what we have. The point here is that we must have something positive to have it ready to shift our attention to when our thoughts turn negative again. This is a habit muscle that we can build, but we have to be willing to do it and go through it.  

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4- The fourth point that I want to share with you is what we call develop a gratitude attitude. Meaning is like You need to contemplate what you're grateful for. Maybe this is the time to start a gratitude journal, right? One or three things knew every single morning in your Gratitude journal, either hand written or on your computer, about three things that you are grateful for when you do that that you like. For example, some universities found that when when you daily work on cultivating that attitude off gratitude, you you will experience improved mood, energy and less anxiety because the cortisol levels in your blood is less when you cultivate a gratitude attitude by taking the time everyday toe, acknowledge what is going right in your life and not what not what's going wrong. But what is going positive in your life. Any time you experience that negative thought, use it as a cue to shift gears for mind shift to think instead of something negative to something positive this way, you have a stock. You have an inventory off positive things that you can shift your mind from negative to positive.  

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And I know these four tips might sound like it's a no brainer or it is like "I knew that". And it's common logic. But like Brendon Burchard says common logic or common sense is not usually common practice. So we need actually to break our old habits and start building new ones. Habits are like muscles. The more you exercise them, the more they happen so specifically that the default of our brain is negative. So we are working against nature force here. But if we do that, we are gonna reap the benefit, the physical, the physiological, the mental, the psychological, the productivity levels, the performance benefits that come when we have a mindset that is framed in optimism and positivity.  

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Hope this helps you. I know that we all have a genius inside of us. It just takes us to recognize it and bring it to the surface till I see you next time.  

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Reinventors This is Sahar Andrade. I'm out of here. See you next time. T

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