ReInvent Yourself To Greatness With Sahar

How to reinvent yourself to an online expert with the Experts' business Coach: Catherine Dove

May 12, 2020 ReInvent Yourself With Sahar Season 2 Episode 5
ReInvent Yourself To Greatness With Sahar
How to reinvent yourself to an online expert with the Experts' business Coach: Catherine Dove
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ReInvent Yourself With Sahar

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This podcast is an interview with the Experts' Business Coach Catherine Dove one of the most genuine coaches out there 
Her genius lies in ways that she helps you sell what you know online and formulate in a way where it can become a lucrative revenue.

This is one of the interviews that I cherish, Catherine leaves you with few pearls of wisdom on what she calls "Your Zone of Genius"

To get in touch with Catherine- this is her website

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Hello. Hello. Hello, Re-inventors. This is your host Sahar Andrade and we are at Reinvent yourself. Oh boy, am I excited? To have our guest today. It's actually a treat for you guys and I'm gonna introduce her right now. And I don't think that what ever I'm going to say would bring her justice. She is a great woman. A great help. She becomes your friend. She is a great Expert. She helped me personally a few years ago. You know, when I was trying to shift my business online and on and I'm not kidding you. Sometimes I would send her a message on Facebook at 11 p.m. And she would just, like, send me a link on Zoom to show me where I was stuck. I mean, this is how great she is. She created agreed community, and we all swear by her. So and I'm very thankful that she agreed to be with us today in the podcast. So without further due I want to introduce you to the great Catherine Dove. She is the experts' business coach. She helps you sell what you know online, Catherine. Thank you for being here.

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Oh, thank you. Thank you for inviting me. And thank you for that lovely introduction. I really appreciate it.

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It's only the truth. Catherine's only who you are. I mean, I'm telling. And I know that I'm not the only one that looks at you that way. You have You bring to business that integrity. This kindness, kindness is like what I would always describe you as, and empathy and care. And it's not just business as usual for you. It just like you care. You deal with people as people. And I think this is what attracted me to you. And this is how most of you how your community is. And I know that you have done workshops and you did trainings and you would bring experts. I mean it just like amazing and it is still amazing what you do for the community. So can you please share with us and with my listeners? What is it that you do?

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Yes, thank you so much. The tagline that I've come up with myself after several years trying to figure out what I'm doing now is that I help experts like yourself modernize their expertise so they can monetize it online. And what I mean by moderning expertise is take what they know, what their expertise is, what they've been practicing in the offline world and modernize it by by transferring it into an online program like a signature program and online course, or perhaps a membership site. So that's what I do.

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And if someone wants to do that, how they can get hold of you.

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So my website is my name. And that's Catherine with a C. SDove just like the bird dot com Awesome. And when you do go there, I do have the community that you're talking about. Um and I it is complimentary and free. People can sign up when they go there. And then we get to work together in a private online community where I can help introduce people to the opportunity of selling what they know online

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and how they can reach you on Facebook.

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On Facebook, it's Catherine Dove. Um, excuse me. Modern day expert with Catherine Dove.

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Modern Day  Expert with Catherine Dove. That's how we can reach your people on Facebook. Catherine, what were the challenges that you met either when you started your business or when you went to reinvent your brand and reinvent yourself? What were the major challenges and obstacles? The #podcast that we do #reinventyourself is about how we as #entrepreneurs and #smallbusinessowners, how we go through challenges that make us actually stronger and lead us to #success. So I want you to share with our listeners. What were the challenges and obstacles that you went through that help to rebrand and reinvent yourself.

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All right. So the challenges and obstacles that I went through well, let me go back a bit. So I in my current business right now, where I work in the online business space, how I got here is because what I did, what I did in my former career. So I had a 20 year plus career in the financial services niche, and I was a ah, well known speaker and trainer in the financial services niece. I I learned that my zone of genius, if you will, was taking on mastering really complicated topics and then breaking them down and then making them easy for others to understand and implement. So I became one, I do not want to sound like I'm bragging, but I became really good at that as a young female in the finance services niche. And it was, ah, predominantly male oriented industry mostly. And I was It was very young was in my early thirties then, and so anyways, because of my zone of genius and what I was able to figure out. I was a speaker and a trainer and I was traveling all over the country delivering my message and teaching it, and I loved doing it. I absolutely love doing it, and it was extremely, extremely lucrative for my age that I was The money that I was making was unbelievable to the point where I don't even share what I was making. But the challenges that I ran into is that because I was required to be in person to deliver my message, I was trading hours for dollars. And so I quickly ran into the challenge of how was I quickly had an income cap and I couldn't make anymore because, you know, there's only a Monday through Friday and I was one person. So the challenge that I had was a had a cap of my income had a cap on the time and but most importantly, is ahead a cap on the people I wanted to serve and how to deliver it one on one. So if I would show up in a particular city, you know, in the state, people had to be available that day to hear my message. And if not, you know, I might not be back there for 34 months. So the chimps So my to me, my biggest challenge was being able to serve as many people as possible, and I just couldn't do that one on one. And that was how I got introduced to and figured out how to share my message in the online business space because of those challenges that I ran into.

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Absolutely. And don't we all run through these challenges. And, you know, IAren't you glad that you started that online business before? Whatever we're going through right now,

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Oh, my goodness, yes, yes. I mean, I always knew that sharing what you know online was important because I've been doing it for so long. But it's bit has been a challenge helping other professionals understand the importance of it. Because we all we all get used to doing what we do. And it's, you know, when it's working well, we we sometimes don't want to reach out and try new things. And now I think and I know I should say people are being forced to try new things and being forced to deliver their message online. And for some people, it's really they're really enjoying it and seeing the potential and the possibility.

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Yeah, and some people are going through Ah, a very strong learning curve, you know, right now And yes, it is crazy, it is crazy. And and I guess this is where you come in. I mean, you, that's that's your expertise. Like you said you called it. I love that. I'm going to steal it from you. the zone of genius zone. I'm gonna I'm gonna steal that way,

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and we all have one. We all have our own, A genius. And sometimes it's right in front of us. And we we don't even know what that what it is?

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Absolutely, absolutely. Catherine, what do you think lead to your success? And can you take us, like, kind off when you started online? What happened? And how did it gradually lead you to the success where you are today?

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Yeah, it definitely led me to where I am today. So when I was doing this traveling across the country, delivering my message, um, my husband and I had decided that we wanted to start a family. And so this leads to something that I feel people need and that is to understand what your big WHY is, like, WHY something's important to you. And we wanted to start a family, and I wanted to be as much as possible a stay at home mom and raised my own kids, not have a nanny do it. So what I feel led to my success that I think everybody should do is understand what their WHY is because when we want to make a transformation or a change, it can be really challenging because there's a lot of things we have to figure out and a lot of things that we have to do. And it's uncomfortable. And so it's easy to give up or just go back to the status quo or what we're used to doing unless we have a big WHY. And so my big WHY was okay, I gotta figure out how to get off the road. I can't be staying in hotel rooms every night. I want to be the one at home tucking my kids in. And so that big, WHY is what drove me to figure out how to take what I was doing, you know, offline and deliver it online. So I think that's just great. Advice for anybody is to just really dig deep and figure out what your WHY is

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exactly what's the purpose that we are doing whatever we're doing. Once you started your reinvention, how difficult was it? Like from 1 to 10 and what was difficult about it?

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Oh boy. So it was really, really difficult because this was many, many years ago before, like nowadays, it's really easy to to take your expertise and put it online because there's a lot of platforms out there that make it. You know, you just literally enter your credit card and get a user name and password. You can start uploading your expertise. But what made it difficult for me years ago? Because this was over 15 years ago, I believe, was the technology wasn't there. So what was difficult is I had a figure out. We actually my husband and I hired programmers in India to build out an online platform for us so that we could, you know, put a payment processor in place so people get under their credit card and then when say, we got paid, then they could go on the back end and view our content, So that was really, really difficult. Was the technology part of it? But are the other thing, I always believe, is that where there's a will, there's a way. So even though it got difficult, I was just my WHY was so big that I just knew I had to figure it out Absolutely, absolutely, Absolutely. And I think some of the other things that helped me was just my focus. Um, I think you might even remember the story that I told was that it was such a challenge to figure it out. But I was so determined that I would lock myself away for a weekend at a time in a hotel room to just figure out this problem and figure out what I needed to do. I just needed to get away from, like, the day to day things that I was doing, and I would check into a hotel room. I would take my, you know, my desktop with me and all my files and my notes and go stay in a hotel room and just force myself to think through and figure it out. And it's interesting because some people would say, Well, you could just go in your office at home and shut the door and do it and I said, Well, you could. But when you're in a hotel room in your action, you know you're paying to stay there. It costs money is so you want to get your values worth when you're when you're there. So it was just funny. I would get really, really serious when I would be locked up in that hotel room. And I knew that by the time I checked out. You know, on Sunday afternoon I needed to have progress made.

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Wow, that's what I call dedication, you know, and and I'm glad that you're sharing all that, because a lot of people that want to start their business because of what we see on TV or online. They believe that entrepreneurship is glamorous, which it can be, But they also are thinking it's an overnight success. And I always say it's never an overnight success, and it's not an impossibility, either. I mean, it's achievable, but we need to know what we are signing up for. Yes, absolutely. You know, we need to know to prepare ourselves for sacrifices like you would go away from your family for a full weekend, you know, and and and and paying money just to make sure that you find a solution and the beginning of every business is a long process. Like at least I always select for myself. For example, when I started the first year and 1/2 I worked 18 / 19 hours a day, seven days week where I realized at the end of the year and 1/2 that it was really creating a great imbalance in my family life. That wasn't the same. But I didn't even notice because I was so obsessed, you know, off starting the business the right way. So Go ahead.

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Right. No, I love that. You say that I, um, couldn't agree more. I mean, all of us, ideally, would love that, you know, work, life, balance. And I know a lot of people that have tried to become entrepreneurs, but they've been very adamant. Well, I'm only gonna work certain hours. I'm only gonna this and I'm only going to that because I have to keep this work life balance in place. And I agree that we need to keep an eye on that. However, in the beginning, you're gonna have to make some sacrifice. You're gonna have to work late nights. You're gonna have to work weekends. You're gonna have to be willing to do what others aren't willing to do. If you wanna have what other people, Um, what other people have

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very true. And This is something that I keep saying and I'm not. I actually have a very optimistic person, and I'm not trying to put doom and gloom on that. I just want to let people understand what they need to prepare themselves for. It's like it's a give and take is like I say we already all of us have a full plate. And in order to add something else, we need to take something away, right? You know, And I believe in work, life balance. But I know it's never, ever, ever 50 50. Never. And and we need to prepare ourselves for that. And, Catherine, I need your opinion on that. I hear a lot of people that say, Do not reinvent the wheel.

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Yeah. So Okay. So what? What are your thoughts on that? And I'll share mine yet, so perhaps I can't hear you.

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Okay. I said what? Once a Can you hear me?

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Yeah. In terms of reinventing the wheel.

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Yeah, in reinvented yourself in reinventing yourself. Um, what do you think? Um, about the the expression itself. I mean, there are a lot of people that believe in reinventing yourself and reinvent the wheel and some people do not believe in that, they say is like Why should even bother? It's already. If it's not broken, why fix it?

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Well, yeah, If it's not what when you say If it's not broken, why fix it? If you're completely happy with your life and your work and your accomplishments and your finances, I mean, if you're happy, then I suppose, yeah, I don't break it. But I think if you dig really deep, you realize there's probably more that you want for your life. You know? Maybe, you know, we talked about that work, life, balance. Maybe you want a whole lot less work and way more life. So I think if you do are willing to reinvent yourself, you could end up doing less work than you're doing now and enjoying enjoying your life more, having way more time than you ever thought possible.

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So my idea. About reinventing the wheel like yes, like you said, Yes, it can work in certain cases, but I believe if we never reinvented the wheel, we will never have, uh, the invention and the creativity that we have. I mean, if we did not invent the wheel. Maybe we would have square wheels that wouldn't will not work, you know? And I believe that, uh, I think what whatever is pushing us as people is trying to make things better. And for entrepreneurs like yourself and me, we're trying to make things better for people. And that's why maybe push ourselves at re-inventing the wheel, even if it's like in little details that we live on. Uh, if it's right, you know, if it's right, if it's not broken, don't fix it. I'm not sure I totally buy into that. I mean, so it makes sense, but I am not sure I'm 100% sold on that.

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Yeah, I think that people maybe resigned themselves just in Status Quo. What's not broken why Fix it. But that was kind of what I mentioned earlier that I think if they dig down really deep, it is broken and they do need There are things they could fix and do better, and there are reasons why they could  amend themselves. So just like you said, you know, if it's not the fact that they want more money than like you said, well, alright, maybe money is not what drives me. But maybe I want to serve more people. Maybe I want to help more people. So then I have to reinvent myself, and I have to figure out a different way of doing things.

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Absolutely. And you help people do that. So, Catherine, what is the process for someone that wants your help and your services, like where they have to be so they can contact you and actually become a better version of themselves with your help?

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Okay, so for me to become a better version of yourself means, you know, to modernize what You're doing your expertise and then figure out how to monetize it and put it online. Because I know that you're gonna have more time, freedom or financial freedom and more location freedom. You can work from anywhere so having said that, though, Sahar you and I are in the online market space. There's marketers out there that have a lot of integrity. And then there's marketers out there that are just wanting to make, you know, a quick buck. Very true. And so so when you say what people need to do when they come to me or what do they have to be? I really Only like to work with people that that really do have an expertise or something that they've been doing in the offline world that really has been helping people. So it's it's something they've been doing successfully and they they've got They've helped people get results, whether they got paid for those results or they were doing it for free. But they know that what they're doing and what they're teaching actually helps people. So those are the people that I want to help take that online as opposed to 1/2 people that would come to me and say, Hey, I here I can make a lot of money in the online business space. What are the hot topics right now? What do you think I should you know, go online and teach? And I think to myself, Oh, you can't just  like, you know, grab a topic and then act like you're this authority and get people results. So the people that I tend to attract and work with are and that I will only work with Are those that come to me? Catherine Say Hey, like, for example, I was just on a call this morning with one of my clients, and he's been working in the nonprofit industry for years, and he helps nonprofits with, you know, recruiting volunteers and working on fundraising and budgeting. And he's just were very well known for doing that. And he's been doing it offline. And now we're working for him to help people do it online. And especially in this pandemic, the nonprofit organizations are really struggling. And so he has a gift he can bring because now he can go, you know, help The masses A lot of non profit organizations with what he's doing. But imagine if he didn't have really any expertise in that ahead of time.

spk_0:   22:41
This true. That's true. Um, Catherine, what is your definition of success?

spk_1:   22:49
What is my definition of success? Oh, I think my definition of success is waking up every morning and being really happy with who you are as a person and knowing that every day you have the power to impact and affect lives in a positive way.

spk_0:   23:20
Absolutely now, right before we get on the podcast. I do every WED. I do. Ah, a few webinar ask me anything. And I had someone that just had reached out the last three weeks. And she has been on the webinars every, uh, every week. And she told me today out of the blues that she wanted to let me know that because she attended the webinar, I kind off spark creativity in her. And she started actually, uh, educational programs in Spanish that she never had before. That she's putting online right now. And she said, it's because of the Stace, I guess I gave them As to exchange ideas and to give advice. That and And I was feeling kind of down this morning. And when she said that I felt like I am holding the whole world in my hands, you know, it's like, I guess people like you and specifically you. I know that because I know that you picked me up so many times and I don't know if I told you. Thank you enough times. You picked me up so many times you offered and you still offer a very safe environment to people that either in different levels or where they are in their business. And your kindness. I mean, when I think about you, I just think about kindness and integrity, and I mean that on. And so these when someone tells us that makes us feel like we are on top of the world. And I guess maybe this could be our why,

spk_1:   24:56
right? Right, I think our WHY I We have such a ripple effect that we that we don't know. And that's what I love. I love helping other people make their lives and businesses better, because then I know they can turn around and help. Then they can help other people make their lives and businesses better. And then it's just this ripple effect.

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Absolutely absolutely. Catherine, Before I let you go, I want you to share with our listeners either a quote that you believe in, or some, uh, why some wisdom that you can share with them.

spk_1:   25:34
Okay, great. So I think having built two businesses in two different niches, well, let me back up by saying I'm very much a control freak and a planner, and I like to know where I'm going ahead of time and I like to do on my research, and I like to have ah ah, backup plan, a plan B, if you will, because I'm always afraid of failing. However, having said that, what I've learned in my last two businesses is that this took me a while is that you don't have to have it all figured out ahead of time. All you need to know is the next step that you need to take.  

spk_1:   26:14

spk_1:   26:16
and then you accomplish that and then you can take the next step. So it's kind of like you've probably seen those means on social media where they have a staircase. You know, a big, long staircase. You don't have to know all of those steps. You just have to jump on that first step and then trust yourself that you're you're smart. You've gotten to where you are now because of what you've done. You'll be able to figure out that next step, and then you'll be able to figure out that next step. And you you probably if you're like me and others, you probably might fail a couple times, but I don't look at it as a failure. I just look at it is okay. Now I can check that off my list. I'm not going to do that. I need to do this instead. So each failure or misstep actually just helps you get closer to the top of that staircase.

spk_0:   27:06
Absolutely. Absolutely. And and so many people get paralyzed in that not taking that first step because they want everything to be perfect. And like you just said, it doesn't have to be complete. There is no perfection, you know. Just take that first step that will spark your whole future.

spk_1:   27:25
Exactly. Exactly. And if you if I may, I want to just give a perfect example. Is when you were singing my praises about us working together several years ago, I was brand new. I was just getting started then so and I did not think I was doing a good job because I was still learning. I was still figuring out this new online business space when I got into it. But yet here you are, saying all of these kind things about me. But yet me, I didn't feel like I was doing a good job because I was uncertain and it was all brand new to me. So I think if we just put our heart and soul into something other people that we come across, they see that and they feel that

spk_0:   28:12
absolutely. I'm having confirmation off this like, every single day. And that's why you know what? When I when I when I rebranded my podcast, I said, You are one of the people that I have to have on the podcast here. Catherine. Can you share again, please? How can someone get hold of you?

spk_1:   28:31
Yeah. So if you just go to my website, which is my name, so it's with a C c A T h e r i n e. And then my last name is Dove, just like the chocolate candy. Katherine dove dot com. And from there you can join my free community. It's called the modern day expert community. And it's just where I help people just introduce them into the opportunity of taking what they've been doing in, you know, the offline traditional world, and then modernizing it and taking it online.

spk_0:   29:05
Catherine, it's such a pleasure to have you on the podcast. Guys, I know this is a treat. This is Catherine Dove - the experts business Coach. Um I thank you, Catherine, for being here today from taking time from your schedule and being with us on the podcast today.

spk_1:   29:23
Oh, you're so welcome. And thank you for having me. And I just have loved watching your journey and how much you've been growing.

spk_0:   29:31
Thank you. Thank you, people. This is your host, Sahar Andrade. And as I always say, we all have a genius inside of us. It just no way how to get the genius out, either by ourselves or with some help. We all have a light inside of us that we need to get out and lighten up. Not only out path but the path off others as well. Thank you so much for being and with us Today at Reinvent yourself with Sahar Catherine. Thank you again. And until next time Re-inventors, I'll see you soon. Bye For now, Thanks for listening to reinvent yourself to greatness with Sahar and draw t tune in next week for even more inspiration and tools to create the happy life you've always wanted to go to or send us an email at See you next time