ReInvent Yourself To Greatness With Sahar

How to engage and market to #Millennials?

August 17, 2020 ReInvent Yourself With Sahar Season 2 Episode 10
ReInvent Yourself To Greatness With Sahar
How to engage and market to #Millennials?
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ReInvent Yourself With Sahar

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This podcast is about how to engage and market to #Millennials or #GENY.
Millennials (83 million) account for a quarter of the population of the United States, making them the largest living generation. According to Goldman Sachs by early 2020 the Millennials’ spending goes up by 15%. According to Oracle their spending power is estimated to be $3.39 trillion in 2018.
Millennials are the first generation that grew up with the digital world, they are the most connected generation so far. Therefore it is extremely important to understand their mindset and behavior
In order to market properly to Millennials you need to understand their traits and characters in order to know how to cater to them.