ReInvent Yourself To Greatness With Sahar

How to use the POWER of I AM? Part two

February 16, 2021 ReInvent Yourself With Sahar Season 3 Episode 5
ReInvent Yourself To Greatness With Sahar
How to use the POWER of I AM? Part two
Show Notes

ReInvent Yourself With Sahar

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 In this podcast episode, we discuss how to use the POWER of I AM
We are what we think we are, we see the world as we are not as it is.  Who we think or believe we are is our perception on who we are, this perception is built within us since our early childhood, how we were raised, who were our parents, how we were treated when we were children, our culture, how our teachers believed in us or not etc.

Then we grow up and our fundamental beliefs of ourselves unconsciously guide our lives and we become not necessarily what we are destined to be but who we think we can be. Limiting beliefs, fears, self-sabotage behaviors doesn't only keep us complacent but actually hold us back.

This episode touches on our own limiting beliefs, the negativity that we inherit of no fault of our own and how simple TWO  words, THREE letters can help you change your life to an amazing fulfilled life - the power of "I AM"

This is PART  TWO