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Welcome to the My Life in Concert podcast! Join me, your host Various Artists, on my musical time travel as I look back on (almost) every live gig I have seen from 1975 to the present. This podcast series started life as a blog on’s late, great in 2010. It gained a regular readership there until OS closed in 2015, and is now being resurrected as a podcast in February 2020. I’ve been a lifelong tunehead and fan of many genres with a particular passion for live shows, big and small. And while I’ll be discussing the music played, the podcast won’t simply be a critique of the performance.People recall a gig’s small moments that can end up defining the event in one’s mental hard drive sometimes more than the tunes: what happened before and after; things seen and heard; technical malfunctions, musicians passing out on stage, etc. Therefore, the podcast is about the “concert-going experience” rather than simply being a description of the performance: a mixture of concert review, music history, memoir, and philosophical musing. While my main musical bases in the 70s were glam in the earlier part of the decade and punk in the latter half, my tastes have exploded through the years. The podcast will go on to encompass live concerts in many genres: r&b, jazz, folk, pop, electronic, hip-hop, country & Americana, pop, blues, reggae, and more.I grew up in and have returned to London, Ontario, Canada (with a 20-year stop in Ottawa). While I will be remembering shows from a variety of locations including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Detroit, NYC, and more, many of the early episodes will focus on concerts that took place in the Forest City from the 70s through the 90s … and now again in recent years (it will be Ottawa-heavy in-between.) There will be notable local visits by Elvis Costello, The Smiths, Iggy Pop, Marianne Faithfull, Radiohead, Joe Jackson, Steve Earle, k.d. lang, Gang of Four, and more. I’ll also have special episodes devoted to the local and regional live bands I saw regularly from the late 70s through early 90s. Along the way I’ll be dropping back into dearly departed local live venues including Fryfogle’s, the Cedar Lounge, the London Arena, the London Gardens, Bullwinkle’s, Wonderland Gardens, and the Embassy along with ongoing stalwarts like Centennial Hall and Call the Office. Outside of London, I’ll also be remembering great nights at long-gone venues such as NYC’s Danceteria, Toronto’s CNE Stadium, and Ottawa’s Barrymore’s.While London was my starting base, I’ll also be looking back on shows in Canadian and U.S. cities where I saw Neil Young, The Clash, Lou Reed, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Janelle Monae, Sonic Youth, The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Ornette Coleman, Laura Nyro, Bootsy Collins (who head-butted me), The Jam, Paul McCartney, the Buzzcocks, Al Green, and plenty more. You can also check out the blog for written entries, original ticket scans, and related visual and audio; VATV My Life in Concert on YouTube for live clips; and follow us on Facebook. (Instagram coming soon!)Come out and join me at the show!
(EP28, no.21) Marianne Faithfull: Dangerous Acquaintances, Fryfogle’s, London, Ontario, Canada, August 15, 1983November 18, 2022 Episode artwork (EP 27, no.19) Police Picnic ’83 featuring The Police, Peter Tosh, James Brown, King Sunny Adé, Blue Peter, and The Fixx: Walking on the Moon CNE Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Friday August 5, 1983September 20, 2022 Episode artwork (EP 26, no.18) John Cale: I Keep A Close Watch, Fryfogle’s, London, Ontario, Canada, Monday June 13, 1983August 23, 2022 Episode artwork (EP 25, no.17) Flipper: Fucked Up Once Again, Fryfogle’s, London, Ontario, Canada, Monday May 30, 1983June 21, 2022 Episode artwork (EP 24, no. 16) The (English) Beat with R.E.M.: End of the Party, Alumni Hall, UWO, London, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday April 12, 1983April 11, 2022 Episode artwork (EP 23, no. 51) Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos: Connection, Fox Theatre, Detroit, Michigan, USA, Thursday December 8, 1988 February 25, 2022 Episode artwork (EP 22, no. 205) Caribou: Suddenly, London Music Hall, London, Ontario, Canada, Saturday November 20, 2021January 29, 2022 Episode artwork (EP 21, no. 15) The Gang of Four with The Hoi Polloi: I Found That Essence Rare, Wonderland Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada, Saturday March 5, 1983December 02, 2021 Episode artwork (EP 20, no. 14) Iggy Pop with Nash the Slash: Gimme Danger, Wonderland Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada, Wednesday October 27, 1982September 24, 2021 Episode artwork (EP 19, no. 13) Joe Jackson: Night & Day, Alumni Hall, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada, Monday October 4, 1982August 30, 2021 Episode artwork (EP 18, no.12) The Clash with Black Uhuru: Clash City Rockers, CNE Grandstand, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Sunday September 5, 1982July 29, 2021 Episode artwork (EP 17, no.11) Police Picnic ’82 with The Police, Talking Heads, The (English) Beat, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, A Flock of Seagulls, & The Spoons: What A Day That Was, CNE Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Friday August 13, 1982June 11, 2021 Episode artwork (EP 16, no.10) Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) with Mettle: Electricity, Centennial Hall, London, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday March 9, 1982May 05, 2021 Episode artwork (EP 015, no.9) Police Picnic ‘81 with The Police, The Specials, Iggy Pop, Killing Joke, The Go-Go’s, Nash the Slash, John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett, The Payola$, Oingo Boingo, and the David Bendeth Band: The Boiler, The Grove, Oakville, Ontario, CanadaMarch 18, 2021 Episode artwork (EP 14, no.6) The Boomtown Rats with B.B. Gabor: The Fine Art of Surfacing, London Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada, Wednesday March 19, 1980 + A Meditation on the Amorphous Nature of Memory & Why the Present Is Always in the PastFebruary 11, 2021 Episode artwork (EP 13, no.5) NFG’s Second Annual Halloween Bash with The Regulators and Sinners: What’s In The City, Polish Hall, London, Ontario, Canada, Friday November 2, 1979November 25, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 12, no.4) The Jam w/The Dwight Twilley Band: This Is the Modern World, Rex Danforth Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday April 10, 1979 October 27, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 11, no.20a) You Won’t See Me: 20 Acts I Wish I’d Seen (1920s-1980) featuring Billie Holiday, The Sex Pistols, Fela Kuti, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and more.October 02, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 10, no.8) Heatwave Festival at 40 with Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, B-52s, Pretenders, Rockpile, Teenage Head & more: Once In A Lifetime, Mosport Park, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, Saturday Aug. 23, 1980August 22, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 9B, no.20b) Waiting in Vain: 22 Performances I Missed 1980-2020 (Part Two nos.9-22 with U2, Arcade Fire, The Grateful Dead, Simon & Garfunkel, Lollapalooza 2004, Bonnie Raitt, & more)August 04, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 9A, no.20b) Waiting in Vain: 22 Performances I Missed 1980-2020 (Part One nos.1-8 with The Clash, Bob Marley, XTC, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, & more)August 01, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 8, no.3) Elvis Costello & The Attractions w/The Battered Wives: This Year’s Model, Alumni Hall, UWO, London, Ontario, Canada, Monday Nov. 6, 1978July 03, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 7, no.2) Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band w/ Toby Beau: Still the Same, London Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada, Friday May 19, 1978June 04, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 6, no.175) Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man, Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Friday Dec. 7, 2012May 21, 2020 Episode artwork (EP 5, no.104) David Bowie w/Polyphonic Spree: Never Get Old, Corel Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Friday April 2, 2004May 07, 2020 Episode artwork