Discovering and Living the Best Version...of YOU!

The Power in a Word!

March 19, 2021
Discovering and Living the Best Version...of YOU!
The Power in a Word!
Show Notes

Episode Summary:

It's been said, correctly, that the power of the tongue, the spoken word, can be an instrument of both blessing and cursing, something that can lift up or tear down! I'm going to focus solely on the former, for the latter seems to have no problem whatsoever creeping into our everyday conversation and thoughts! I've chosen certain words that have the potential to quite literally change the next few minutes you will have or for that matter. what the rest of your life will look like! The impact these words will have on you, if you will allow them, cannot be measured, for their potential and power...are limitless!  

Key Topics:

  • Why saying you're sorry, for anything, is something you should avoid!
  • The power in asking someone to buy  into something versus inviting them to do so.  
  • Regarding any undertaking you find desirable, do you have one foot on one side of the fence and the other draped over the other side or are you OLLIN? The difference is immense!


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