Sames Ford Corpus Christi Podcast

Interview w/ Ana Soto on Drive Community

March 13, 2020 Arron Tauss/Ana Soto Season 1 Episode 2
Sames Ford Corpus Christi Podcast
Interview w/ Ana Soto on Drive Community
Sames Ford Corpus Christi Podcast
Interview w/ Ana Soto on Drive Community
Mar 13, 2020 Season 1 Episode 2
Arron Tauss/Ana Soto

This is our second podcast devote to our involvement with our community non-profit organizations. We will talk about why we started events our dealership that Drive Community Awareness and Donation. Donation Link:

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This is our second podcast devote to our involvement with our community non-profit organizations. We will talk about why we started events our dealership that Drive Community Awareness and Donation. Donation Link:

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website is Today we have a special guest in the studio, and she is the local sales manager for Kiii, and she has partnered with us for Drive Community Drive Sames. This podcast is totally devoted to our community and our partners in the community and in our studios, we have Ana Soto.  And we're going to team up with them and help raise money and bring awareness to our community. And also raise money to educate.  So, Anna, how are you doing today? And welcome to thank your for taking the time out of your day to come by and talk to us.

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Thank you so much, Aaron. You know, I am very excited to be here, Drive Community Drive Sames, before we kind of get into that, you know, many people don't know, but Sames has been around for a very long time. And, um, you know, over 100 years and the premise of the work in the community, they do always relates to one thing. It is exactly about involving themselves, not just monetarily, but also, you know, getting into the trenches with anything that has to do with the betterment on the quality of life of our community. So I applaud Sames for continue to do that. I personally know this because my father, God rest his soul, retired from Sames in 2004 and spent well over 25 years working for Mr Sames and the same group. And I saw firsthand growing up all of the things that were, you know, going on behind the scenes and all of the work that was being done to make sure that the investment was back to the community, as you know, getting the staff to volunteer and so on. So I really wanted to, you know, kind of start with that because, ah, lot of people think, Well, you know, um, it's a dealership. They must have a lot of money. They, you know, they must be able to just do whatever they you know, want to do. And the fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, it's a business. And as a business, sames does you know so much in terms of, you know, donating. But they also do a lot with economic development and economic stability. And, you know, the communities they serve, so have top two sames. I didn't go ahead. I'm sorry.

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Thank you. Very good job. There would have a conversation here, but we just want to tell you on our website. If you go to sames at, if you will go to the navigation bar under our our family. If you go there, you'll see little drop down box is his drive community. And there you will go and you'll see all the events that were going to support in the days of the dates and what we're gonna do. As Anna said, you can help out and help the community as well as it helps the state of Texas, also in the country as a whole. But if you go there, we do it. I think every month and it would

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mean everything to

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 Let's think about that. It's just 100 people who come in here. That's $2500 we can give to. And then I just like to go back to the very first cause we started. This is March already, but we actually started this in January this year in the very 1st 1 We did, I think, was the USO. So I mean, that's been around since 1941. I think I looked it up and everybody in my era Bob Hope celebrities entertained troops in Vietnam in all these kind of things. But what I wasn't aware of and come to my attention is the last time we supported was a purple door. Exactly. That was dating violence prevention. I didn't know about that one. Thank God there is in this month. We're doing the new life Refugees Ministries. It was about human trafficking

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and actually, more specifically child human trafficking as it relates to any form of trafficking, specifically child sex trafficking, which, Ah, lot of people are so unaware that it happens so often. Too often, one child traffic is too many. Um, and this particular organization is located here in Corpus Christi. It serves the entire area. And not only do they have a refuge, a place for Children to go when they're displaced coming out of a situation, you know where they're. You know, they've been away from their home for so long because they have in, you know, in a trafficking situation. But the actual organization has a home where they can receive counseling, therapy and you know, the skills to go back to a family environment, um, as well as and this is very important. They do a lot of education at the schools, you know, teaching kids about how what trafficking is, how to recognize it. And then they also do that with adults because we don't often recognize trafficking. While it may be very well under our noses,

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and it probably is E. Went on the website before Pate. And today and it's actually University of Texas website. Well, it's kind of funny that I went to the refugee New Life. Richard. You mentioned the same figures in the state of Texas alone, there's over 300,000 victims of human trafficking in the state of Texas alone. Texas Just think about the Corpus Christi last time. Look up. The distance was like 100 50,000 people, so twice as many people living around Corpus Christi. 79,000. Those reminder new vehicles sex trapped in nearly 234 adult victims. Talk about boats but their labor trafficking. Basically, I discovered just slavery. So it hurts us, is a community. It hurts his estate and as a nation. But it was in packs is emotionally and economically exactly. So the best thing we're doing, what we're trying to do is to raise awareness number one also to raise money for these people so we could help them. What? Educate the public like Hannah spoken like it. What do they do with that money? Well, and you can see up here, I have it on the screen. There just what they have done so far through these air numbers from their website. Again, that's new life refugees memory dot org's so you can go there and they are advancing on this kind of thing. But so tell us about what they have any people of educating students, law enforcement, all these good things that they do there.

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And actually, you know, if you once we started talking to the New Life, a refuge ministry we found as well as many people, I'm sure that aren't aware. We actually found that they have a you know, the board of directors, like a nonprofit, should have to maintain, you know, transparency and community moment. They have a board of directors. It's also comprised of law enforcement officials and, you know, people that are directly involved with mental health care and, you know, the schools and so on. It is really a cohesive, you know, board. It does a lot to be able to, you know, continue to move forward with educating folks. But I think the most important thing outside of obviously the direct help that they give to the kids is that they are trying to make sure that legislation that, you know, punishes people that are traffickers, but not only the traffickers but punishes people that are actually creating the demand. If you will, we wouldn't have a trafficking problem if there wasn't a problem person out there, Uh, you know, creating the demand for, you know, a child, you know? So what What is happening is that this particular agency is trying to be at the forefront of a lot of legislation that will punish people that behaving this way. It is a crime, Uh, and and it should be punished as such. And so often time the trafficker gets punished. But what about the person that's actually making, you know, making the demand for that particular you know, situation to occur? I don't even like to call it, um, a product. But basically, that's what they're doing. They're packaging these Children as though they were products. And service is

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just like the person sells a drug

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exact. Or

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till he started the whole thing exactly. Trying to educate the public, to be aware of it, to recognize it and the right people in authority to Hammond. You don't step in and do that. That is something for the authorities to handle. But if you go through your life rich to Mr, they can contact him any time. Force again. Their website ones go through them. They have a hotline will give it to you now as 18883737888 So that is also on their website. So if you needed help, that's 24 hours a day. I'm

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Yes, it is 27

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calling. Get ahold of you see it or you think even if you think you know what's the new thing they got out. If you see something, say something Exactly. I think that applies to a lot of things are complicated world we live in today. I think that applies to almost anything and so that's we're looking for your help. But back to the point What? They were going to do this here.

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We're actually, you know, much like the the other months that were don't you were actually dedicating to the Dr Community Dr Sames Initiative this month is Dr New Life Ridge Refuge Ministries, Dr Sames and the event will be held on Saturday, March 21st from 10 a.m. 23 p. M. And basically, you know the organization will be out here. A lot of the volunteers and board members will be out here, you know, just to try to answer any questions, to corner the support. If you want to come out, if you want to sign up to volunteer, you know, definitely that can use the help. But more importantly, come out and all you need to do is test drive a car. It is so simple. You, you know, basically come in. There's no, you know, there's nobody's gonna try to, you know, sell you anything or anything like that. We're just asking for you guys to come out and basically test drive a car. If you happen to like the car, of course, we're going to be there, you know, to help you out with that. But, you know, you test drive a car, you learn a little bit about the organization, you come out, meet Minton. Some of the you know folks that are dedicated so much time and energy to making sure that our Children are safe. Um, and they get thio, you know, experience the opportunity to really highlight their cause in front of a lot of people that, like myself, do not know exactly. All that is entailed trafficking.

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That's good. There's no way to do it. Say you just can't make my we hope to have to me. And then I think if we get 100 people who has $2500 we could raise. But there's several ways to donate. This podcast will be post on that same for website at ST four cc dot com, where she downloaded a Spotify stitcher. Other places. That's your future podcast. But I'm also include there a button and you can hit that. I'll take you right to new life. Refugees, Energies, ministries. That's hard to say for me. You can donate there at the top, right hand their website. So we're not collecting the money. Goes right to the website down there. But Anna just informed me that Ryan our bus. He said, Hey, if they donate on our website, I'm gonna put up another.

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I know it's pretty awesome.

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It's gonna donate. He's you can get a free old changed. It would be a form to fill out. So yes, it's gonna ask for information, but how else we're going to give you the three old change. So the information there put it in there and we're gonna get a hold of you, conduct an email you text you or call you and say, Hey, you have donated to all change that's more in $25 for leaving.

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Oh, yeah, Believe me, it's more than $25 for a change. But if you don't eight on the website, you'll go to Sames board. Si si dot com four slash dr community again That same sport si si dot com forward slash drug community And if you donate to new life refuge ministries or any of the organizations on the page. Actually, it's a USO, the purple door. But right now we're focusing on new life refuge ministries. If you donate, then sames will generously give you a free oil change. So we all know that an oil change is never $25 because that would be awesome. But this is better. This is actually exactly exactly They think this is really

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don't charge. They don't charge really turned me more exactly. Well, thank you for coming by again, taking your time and for a worthy cause. and put the time and effort sames. I didn't know your father worked for that long.

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Oh, yes, E s. I was around. Mr Seems for a long time. And I understand exactly the kind of commitment they have to making sure that, you know, the community is well served.

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Then we finally got Ryan. He finally got away from the website. Yeah, we used to do a lot of money. We just never, ever ties.

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Exactly. And one of you guys? Yeah.

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This way. If we can donate and create awareness and educate the public, we think we've done a lot of good. So again, thank you for the day and thing. Your time for listening to this. You can find it again on those places. Our website and Spotify. Anywhere else you get your podcasts and state forces out dot com were also 47 21 ares and we're back open at 37. 37 s p i. D. We were closer for a while because of construction going on there. Construction's not over yet, but we're open.

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I was gonna say air and there's no construction in Corpus. Theo rode the orange cone road Exactly but it's all good. It's progress. S o

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I never get the phone of you Need to call assist. 855814 28 40 again if you I need some action. You won't do anything. Meaning there is a hotline for human trafficking. And 88837378 Think again, will be signing off now. Thank you and again. And wills are next podcast. We're gonna be up soon, so thank you very much. You drive safe and wash your hands.