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Five Corners: From Rad Life to Dad Life

The Five Corners Podcast

Welcome to the Five corners podcast, where we: Maersky, Bonafizz & Zula, Filipino American dads that grew up in Jersey City; break down a range of topics on one of the 5 corners that we happen to be posted up on at that given time. Those corners are: Number 1.) The wide wide world of Sports. Number 2.) Filipino and Filipino-American culture here in America: How we navigated it growing up, how it’s changed since, and what the future looks like for our kids and their heritage. Number 3.) Entertainment: Anything and everything in the world of entertainment that tickles our fancy, whether it be Movies, TV, streaming services, video games, retro 80s & 90s pop culture, and the perennially undefeated internet meme culture. Number 4.) Parenting: Because we’re parents, and parenting is tough, and hilarious and quite possibly the most fulfilling thing you’ll ever do as a human.Finally, Number 5.) Fitness: because fitness is a struggle for busy parents, especially as they approach middle age, and we want to share our strategies, our successes, and our failures with you; in the hopes of motivating ourselves and inspiring you to achieve your fitness goals. We also want to feature Jersey City heads who made it out the hood and made good for themselves, and their community. So we’ll share our stories, our hopes, our fears and hopefully we’ll get to hear from you as well. So please join us, and subscribe to our podcast via Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or wherever you get your pods and please don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel FiveCorners Podcast for even more content!